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Thanksgiving Snow on the Delaware

Fundraiser notice Dec 1, 2010 for the tug Pegasus!! I give thanks for the doomed ships getting a (maybe temporary) reprieve, although there’s no denying that Olympia does NOT rise and fall with the tide.  Here she clearly rests on Delaware bottom.  The draft numbers there suggest a countdown . . . til drydocking and […]

Sixth Boro Halloween

Late tonight I anticipate strolling through Penn Station as part of my transit from work to sleep; usually I run, but on Halloween it means the parade has wound down and that all types of creatures will inhabit that transit ecolabyrinth.  Halloween in New York and most places in the US produces a mix of […]

Tisquantum the Sailor

Sometimes stories get told wrong, again and again.  Like the one about Thanksgiving.  How many pilgrims can you name? You know the name of the ship they sailed/chartered, but who was the captain?  Were they headed for Massachusetts?  Can you name one of the “Indians”  or their tribe?  When did it become an official US […]

Thanksgiving Mysteries

This is the first post in the fourth year of the blog, and I’m not telling much about the fotos.  Tomorrow I’ll identify what I can. The onliest clue I’ll give is this:  all fotos have been taken since November 26 sunrise, and all fotos but one were by tugster.  Tomorrow I’ll identify the other […]

Thanksgiving Mysteries Revealed

The funnel . . . forward on William Francis Gibbs‘ ship, you know, SS United States.  Check this youtube for clips of her departing NYC and passing beneath the  unfinished Verrazano Narrows Bridge.   Now if Bart  sees the foto above, he may think the funnels are attached to the blue structure with square windows and […]

Non-Random Tugs 3

This is an exercise in non-random fotos with word associations and any additional required info.  So, here, left to right move Margaret Moran, Admiral’s Launch, and Big Toot (the bright red one).  Big Toot?  Big anything?  Over-compensation.  Unconvincingly so. Penn No. 4 foreground and USS New Jersey background.  If I’d snapped the foto a second […]

Non-Random Tugs 4

NRT 3 ends with a shot and video of Grouper; given an important news bulletin, it’s fitting I start with Grouper in NRT 4.  The news . . . she’s got a NEW LEASE on survival.  As soon as she’s fit to travel west, she’s headed to a spot just north of Detroit.  Such news! […]

Whatzit 4

Credit for this foto connundrum goes to Joel Milton, whose site Towmasters has long been on my blogroll.  Same for the next two.  I notice the same fotos appear on gCaptain.  Thanks to Joel, the sun and UASC Shwaikh for lining up and channeling something!  I’m stunned. As large as the Staten Island ferry is, it […]


The lightbulb in question refers to an idea that emerged in my head  . .  about some brilliant decoration in New York harbor (aka the sixth boro) during this season, holidays for most people.  I put up a survey just before Thanksgiving, and I’ll say a word about results at the end of this post. […]

Equinox 3b

Literally it means “equal night.”   NOX has lots of associations.  More Hestia soon, I promise. Half-half symmetricality, or almost so; dark and light . . .  river and land . . .  fog and clarity; summer cedes the stage to fall. Time to think of harvests, baskets, thanksgiving;  Sam Plimsoll marked just how full […]