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Really Random Tugs 28

This is the series with tugs from all over.  So let’s start in Miami last month with photos by John “Jed” Jedrlinic.  Miss Niz was in the sixth boro some time back. Also from Jed . . .it’s Akashi Maru in Yokohama, 2008. He has more photos of Japanese tugboats. Darrin Rice sent along this photo […]

Really Random Tugs 27

The first two and last two photos here come thanks to John Jedrlinic . ..  aka Jed.  He took these of Marlin in Baltimore in late July 2009. Has anyone heard of/seen it since it was sold foreign? The next batch were taken in the Beerkanaal area seaward of Rotterdam in early March (I think) by Jan […]

Really Random Tugs 26

Thanks to the many folks contributed to this post. First, Russell Skeris sent this along of a James Turecamo in Turecamo livery.  Given all the flags, might this have been taken by an unknown photographer quite near her launch in 1969? Next, hats off to Rand Miller who caught this photo of a brilliant red […]

Really Random Tugs 25

I believe I took this in summer 2005, my first view of Lincoln Sea from W. O. Decker.  Lincoln Sea is now making its way northward probably along Baja California, if not already along alta California. A few days ago and from the crew of Maraki–aka my sister and brother-in-law–it’s Salvatore in Santa Marta, Colombia. […]

Really Random Tugs 24

Here was 23.  In today’s post, there are boats from the just north of South America, at the south edge of the Chesapeake, and in the busiest part of the KVK.   Mero is from 2008, Captain Willie Landers from 2001, Chesapeake Coast 2012, Eric McAllister 2014, B. Franklin Reinauer 2012, and Marjorie B. McAllister . […]

Really Random Tugs 23

The difference between “really random” and just “random” is that with the former, I include photos taken in different waterways and ports.  Guess the ports/waterways here? All these photos have been taken during the past 30 days by Will Van Dorp, who needed to do a random __ tugs post to dispel notions that this […]

Really Random Tugs 22

With many thanks to Tony A for the top two photos . .  it’s possibly the latest arrival in the sixth boro. And the bottom photo is about as far from the sixth boro as you can get and still be in the Empire State . . . Kurt R. Luedtke, caught here on the […]

Really Random Tugs 21

Let’s start with LT-5 at the H. Lee White Maritime Museum. Here’s The Chancellor at the NYS Canals dry dock as it was being flooded.   Here’s a recent tugster post focused on this vessel. Now the marketing name for this “tug” is a “barge pusher.”  Here’s a closer up of the engine unit and […]

Really Random Tugs 20

Here’s a range of photos from the present to the unknowable past.  Gage Paul Thornton . . . 1944 equipment working well in adverse 2014 conditions.   Photo by Bjoern Kils of New York Media Boat. In 2007, McAllister Responder (1967) moved Peking (1911) across the sixth boro for hull inspection.  Photo by Elizabeth Wood. […]

Really Random Tugs 19

Name this tug headed for sea as the sunset bathes it in ruby light? I guess this could turn into a precious materials post.  Hobo, this gold tug at the Costello shipyard in Greenport, appears to have been built 61 years ago by Caddell’s Drydock & Repair.  At this dock, it waits under the protection […]