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Restless Down River

As a down river denizen, I’ve followed the Onrust story for only about a year now, chancing upriver to see progress whenever I could.  The project is aiming for a late summer 2009 rendezvous with Manhattan . . . the ship will ply the sixth boro waters then, we all hope.  Yesterday though I saw […]

More Restless

Mood at the boat show in general you ask . . . my gut says . . . gloomy, depressed, funereal.  Bonus prospects have fizzled months ago, and Santa and his storm-tossed proxies need to deliver a lot of coal. However, in my humble opinion, one exhibit effervesces, though, overflowing with excitement, restless to see […]

Dutch Sail

Spring 2009  promises the start of an invasion of Dutch culture to the sixth boro.  Who knows . . . we might be renamed New Amsterdam before year’s end, since Wall Street these days needs a face lift.  But that’s another story. When Henry Hudson arrived in the sixth boro in September 1609, he commanded […]

Docking 2

Gliding in a few minutes earlier than Cyprine in the drizzly morning was Hyundai Voyager Rosemary maintained tension to slow Voyager‘s forward momentum while Responder –well–“responded likewise”  up forward. As Voyager approaches the bulkhead, docking lines with heaving lines attached are at the ready, there to grab and toss . Rosemary and Responder maneuver it […]

Passing in the Day

Sometimes passing is just passing, like when Wye River heads out as its sibling arrives, but which . . . given those siblings are as numerous as the sources of the Chesapeake. “And not alone are they, not strangers in the day . . .”   Oh, that’s inspiration coming from one of my favorite […]

Whitherward 4

Back last September, I wrote about a NYC christening, using bowsprite’s inimitable fotos.  Since I feel another christening approach, here’s a way to do it.  These fotos come compliments of uglyships’ usually irreverent Zee Bart and feature the ceremony for his command.  Smit Kamara, although it currently works the North Sea, was built in Singapore.  […]

Red Tug Fleet 3

I can’t believe nearly two years have passed since I last did a red tug post.  In truth, I should call this double-white-ring-on-red-stack fleet, because I mean McAllister. Imagine all the trucks, all the stuff, unexpected stuff comes in containers from across the seas.   And to get it off loaded .  . . a process […]

Most Restless

My last of several Onrust posts was in December.  My first was almost a year and a half ago.  And several happened in between.  Don’t take my word for it, but a unique community has grown in the process of building this replica, a really unique community.  And Onrust–meaning restless– is more restless than even, […]

Most Restless 2

Last night I put up the quickest best post I could, but after sleep and distance, I want to modify and expand.  First, to follow on the birth/berth analogy, Onrust will emerge from its place of gestation as we all should…  feet first . . . if you consider the rudder as a steering foot, […]


Robert Juet, in his  journal of  Henry Hudson’s third voyage, calls the small cannon aboard stone pieces or murderers.    Some call the weapon below a gun, meaning the bronze tube or barrel  in wooden truck, wooden tampion in muzzle mouth serving as a cork in a bottle to be removed before firing.  The two […]