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Splash!! Onrust! 2

I have been truly privileged to watch Onrust grow:  the ship as well as the community and maybe the community more than the ship even.  Sure, it’s a replica of the first decked vessel in the “new world,” the first American yacht.  Onrust the original was a response to adversity:  Block’s Tyger burnt (sounds like William […]


is actually a euphemism for “catching up,” which is all that’s on my plate today.  Like a month ago, I intended to put up a link to a west coast tugboat blog.  So here it is:  fremonttugboat. Otherwise, this post comes from scrolling back through fotos I’ve taken (and not used, I think) since late […]

Onrust Up-Rig

Down river . . . awaits,  as does up canal.  The tamarack mast approaches verticality for the first time using the hinge designed to get under low bridges.  The afternoon light, the ship’s lines and natural wood, the crew raising the mast, the absence of 21st-century detail in the background . . . it all […]

Unusual Drive

Let’s backtrack . . .  is it only a month ago, less than a month ago, that Onrust launched?  Its inaugural trip down to the sixth boro and back evidence that Onrust the restless has reincarnated.   On that launch day, as Onrust settled to its level, tug Waterford and SPS-60 (in the distance) stood by.  […]

Really Full Frontal

My sentiments of more than two years ago amuse me here, and “full frontal” isn’t even really.  So in connection with a project I’m considering, here’s really  fully frontally.  Let’s start with HNLMS Tromp.  Now in those twin radomes, I see teddy bear’s ears. BNS Lobelia is harder to read. Of all the vessels in the […]

Old (and Less So) Wood

The dark season and the end of 2009 trigger an impulse to look back.  Wood . . . there’s been a fair amount of it this year especially from Mystic, the Dutch barges, and of course Onrust.  The following are mostly built on Cape Ann, a place once synonymous with shipbuilding from wood.  The tradition […]

Most Restless

My last of several Onrust posts was in December.  My first was almost a year and a half ago.  And several happened in between.  Don’t take my word for it, but a unique community has grown in the process of building this replica, a really unique community.  And Onrust–meaning restless– is more restless than even, […]

NY400 Week Armada 2

So here is most of the rest of the fleet.  Of course, Half Moon was the flagship, the raison d’etre of the event.  Following behind is Onrust, its first season teaching history.  Use the search window to find more on both.  For a creative-nonfiction account of Henry Hudson’s journey channeled across 400 years, click here. […]


Robert Juet, in his  journal of  Henry Hudson’s third voyage, calls the small cannon aboard stone pieces or murderers.    Some call the weapon below a gun, meaning the bronze tube or barrel  in wooden truck, wooden tampion in muzzle mouth serving as a cork in a bottle to be removed before firing.  The two […]

Meditations E

E . . . enigmas.  I encounter many in my daily walkabout.  Although I  understand what happens if I don’t pay bills and what to do when I see a fury of red lights in my rear view mirror AND I understand “No” or “Oui” or “Sayonara” or their opposites, I rub shoulders and bump […]