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Freshwater Tugs 8

I’m back near the sixth boro now and have photos for at least through early October, at which time I leave on another gallivant. So here’s step one in catching up.  Up the meandering Cuyahoga, here are Iowa (1915) and Oklahoma (1913);  these boats were built to work and last.   The vintage GL tugs may […]

GWA7: negotiating the straits of Erie

“Motor city” is another name for Detroit, but “detroit” is only part of the name for the waterway given by the French explorer Cadillac when he led the first Europeans to settle “Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit” on a bank of “le détroit du lac Érié,”  the strait of Lake Erie), linking Lake Huron and Lake […]


I blame my dear friend Christina Sun for this post.  Well, “blame” is the wrong word, but I’ll use it. She started it many years ago with this post on her blog, a project which I believe is “under re-powering and life extension,” to borrow someone else’s phrasing, and needs some encouragement, although she’ll blame […]

Go West Leg 9

Here’s the reference map;  leg 9 took us into Cleveland, where Federal Maas is in port. William C. Gaynor was anchored on the west side of the Cuyahoga. Eagle pushed a deck barge outbound. A small boat analyzed the river, and Iowa went by light. A visit to William G. Mather was compulsory, of course. I […]

Duke Riley’s Riparian Tales

A short post . . . explained below.  If you live in reasonable travel time to the Manhattan boro, consider going to the Magnan Metz Gallery at 521 W 26th St to see Duke Riley‘s show. Scroll to the end of this post to see references to previous works by Duke Riley.  Below is Acorn, […]

April Fish

aka poisson d’avril, which is what the French call this delightful day.  At that link in previous sentence, check out the list of  (they say) well-known pranks. A year ago, I put up a post that I’ve now concluded shows a hoax, a doctored foto . . . although I did not know it was […]