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Day Peckinpaugh 3

Late October 2011, Day Peckinpaugh and Frances Turecamo float above Lock 3, post-Irene, seen here through the eyes of the master of Tug44. Here’s Day Peckinpaugh last weekend, nose to nose with Urger, the latter here for shaft work. It’s unknown when if ever the DP will operate again.  Here and here are previous posts […]

Sixth Boro Fifth Dimension 7

Here are some more fotos by Seth Tane in the late 1970s /early 1980s. Foto#1.  Princess Bay just south of the Old Bay Draw, placing her about a mile  of her place of construction.  Anyone know what happened to her, last known as Mabel L?  She was launched from Elizabethport the same year as Coral […]

Sepia Tugs

What’s this?  Where?  Answer follows.  It’s not really sepia per se, just an approximation. I took this foto a week ago, then stripped out the color.  It’s Yemitzis, the former PRR Philadelphia, launched 1954.  Major modifications have happened between the two incarnations. Here’s another foto I took last week, Resolute.  With its ample pudding, it’s […]

Random San Juan 1

If I read the history right, Columbus landed on the big island in November 1493  (second voyage) and called the island San Juan Bautista.   Less than two decades later (1509), a settlement happened here and the called Puerto Rico.  Somehow, in the intervening years, the island name and this port name got reversed.  Anyone […]

Stormy 2

Call this “images taken under the overcast skies prefacing Sandy’s arrival.”  The first two here were taken by JED in Norfolk on Friday, Oct 26 while Sandy was off Florida.  Remember Norfolk Rebel from the Schooner race here and in the Flickr show along the left margin??  JED got these under leaden light. Bay Queen […]

Paladins of the Port Waters

Some recognize their “heroes of the harbor,” and that’s a great thing.  I’d like to offer my list of “paladins of the port waters,”  honoring all those who work on the sixth boro and adjoining waters, be they partially permanent or totally transient visitors of our great port. Honorees change constantly.  A recent survey of […]

Meanwhile . . . in the Sixth Boro n Beyond

Many thanks to Paul Strubeck for this foto of a preserved “results report” he has . . .   from a 60-year-old typewriter!  A week from today Working Harbor Committee is sponsoring a great event they call the 20th annual North River Tugboat Race, but clearly there have been more than 19 prior races involving […]

Other People’s Fotos 17

I suppose I could call this “random and gorgeous tug fotos I wish I’d taken.” Thanks to John Skelson for this one of Coastline Bay Star.  I’ve seen this vessel only once in this incarnation of her, but it was in Belt traffic from which a foto was impossible.  John nails it here.  What a […]

Seeing the Unseen

AIS is just that . .  a tool to help us see the otherwise unseen, those moving things over the horizon.  And wonderful things there are to be seen with this tool. Yesterday I was reading Ray Bradbury’s short story “Night Meeting.”  A large part of the story features a conversation between Tomás Gomez (TG) […]

Enterprise Entourage

I watched from the southwesternmost corner of Manhattan, near Pier A. The sky made drama and Statue was nearly obscured. Incoming container vessel MSC Charleston had to briefly delay its cargo delivery to allow this entourage to pass. On the shore, loud and excited schoolkids–hundreds it seemed –got to watch the procession.  Who knows what impact […]