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More Cargoes 9

One of my most popular posts ever was More Cargoes 7.  Since then, I scan the rows of containers looking for anything unique.  Tuesday in less than an hour, I scored on both vessels I saw. Liftaloft units headed somewhere . . . with or without tarps a memorable ride lifting and dropping with ocean […]

More Cargoes 8

Such excitement I felt today when email came with these fotos by Shuli Hallack as attachments. At her site, she has a series on cargoes, which you can see on exhibit in Manhattan at Moti Hasson Gallery through June 29, so go soon. At the gallery the prints are poster size. To do some of […]

More Cargoes 7

I’ve written a half dozen cargo posts, but what I saw today forces me to do another. See it up there? It’s visible already, but I hadn’t “seen” it when I took this foto. Look at the top row of containers forward and between the green and red . . . MSC Alexa, Mediterranean bound […]

Random Cargoes

Like Alice, the vessel below is a self-unloading bulker. Barkald‘s cargo varies: anything so long as it goes bulk. If you look at the top three fotos in this shipspotting link, you’ll see it could be salt, coal, ore, gypsum, cement, I’m not sure what cargo Barkald was transferring just south of Outerbridge on the […]

More Cargoes 6

Blogging can be like fishing. I might intend to catch blues but a frisky striper would delight me too. On the water I fotograf what I see on a given day, but I also read the blogs listed to the left. As I drank coffee this morning, my inspiration time, I stumbled across this foto. […]

More Cargoes 5

Barges are too much maligned; they may be ugly, but they are more transparent-so to speak-than containers. Well, not fuel barges, but really, who wants to see fuel anyhow, this substance we’re all addicted to. Check out this cargo . . . then I’ll zoom out.   … and moving aft, as if fresh from […]

More Cargoes 4

OOCL Melbourne docked at Red Hook late May. I’m completely unaware of the cargo on this “plum vessel,” plum blossom being the decoration inside the second “o.” But I located this under-reported tale about an additional cargo she picked up 800 miles out at sea a few months back, a live cargo that was delivered […]

More Cargoes 3

A trip through the aisles at any big-box store reveals how much stuff we get into our lives through the sixth borough and its watery extensions. Yet, it takes luck and persistence to get some cargo details. Buried in paragraph 11 or so of this article we get some details about the contents , other […]

More Cargoes 2

Pallet . . . it has to be close to an international word, as international as “container,” both neologisms spawned by advances in technology. The two revolutionized shipping. Pallets are everywhere.   Check wherever there’s a loading or unloading dock, wherever stuff gets shipped. That means as close as your neighbor school or supermarket, and […]

More Cargoes

In Portside blog for 1/29, Carolina Salguero mentions scrap metal. Scrap metal is a frequent cargo on barges in New York. This is a photo taken in the port of Oakland (Thanks Elizabeth), but I’ve seen barges delivering junk automobiles through the port often enough. Every time I see one, I look for my old Subaru; I loved […]