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Really Random Tugs 21

Let’s start with LT-5 at the H. Lee White Maritime Museum. Here’s The Chancellor at the NYS Canals dry dock as it was being flooded.   Here’s a recent tugster post focused on this vessel. Now the marketing name for this “tug” is a “barge pusher.”  Here’s a closer up of the engine unit and […]

Other Peoples Photos 34

Here was 29.  (The apostrophe is making me lose count.) Below . . . just in this morning from Ashley Hutto . .  call this “can’t sleep ’til I get to Brooklyn.” From Jason Padgett high above Broad Street about a week and a half ago, part of a submarine on a barge entering the East […]

Random Tugs 126

The sixth boro has pyramids? It does have fortifications, here patrolled by Gelberman. And lots of interesting names, making for great juxtapositions. And every now and then some seldom seen boats pass like this one, always out there but rarely –it seems–coming in close. Kendall J. Hebert for a closeup! I regret I didn’t get […]

Pilots 8

It’s the summer station boat and a training platform for pilot apprentices.  Recognize the location? The station boat is on the East River just east of Hell Gate.   From near to far, the bridges are the Hell Gate and then the RFK. Here she passes the Astoria Generating Station on its way to the channel […]

Other Peoples Fotos 28

Oops . . . I “published” this prematurely and unintentionally if you saw it in disarray.  And by the way, today I saw the woodchuck and his shadow;  he saw mine and dove for cover.  I wonder if that means six more weeks of cold weather.  Please, someone advise. From the wandering eye of Maraki […]

Tankerin’ 4

I thought I had done a post called “pushing oil,” but I seem to have mis-remembered.  The closest I can find is here, and looking at this post, it’s clear to me how much I’ve learned since starting this blog.  Here’s another related one from last year. Clearly . . . that’s not a tanker […]

Random Tugs 121

Guess the locations here and . . . here?  Answers follow. This one should be obvious.  What’s the Philly-bound tug? It’s Lucky D. Here’s Chesapeake Coast, probably North River and then Hudson River bound. B. Franklin Reinauer is Sound-bound. And some light tugs . . . Elizabeth, Joan Turecamo, Chesapeake, Megan McAllister,  . . . […]

Other Peoples Fotos 26

As you know, I’m on the road in Georgia, but thanks to some good friends here are some fotos for your Boxing Day.  Back on the first day of winter, December 21, I got these fotos from Ashley Hutto:  Responder towing Ellen through the Kills.    Who knows . . . maybe this was a […]

AK Sunrise

aka Eastern dawn from Eastern Dawn.  Many thanks to Ashley Hutto for this July 3 foto.  Does it get better than this? I’m in January River for a while yet and will post again from here when possible but I don’t have access to easy wifi. 

Sixth Boro Sundries

Springtime . . . and motion gives a renewed sense of life to the watery boro.  Emerald Sea‘s been around all winter, but she’s not moved loads like this.  Diner?  Prefab beach buildings for post-Sandy reconstruction?  Many thanks to Ashley Hutto for this shot taken along Roxbury, Queens. Eclipse, the huge yacht in the distance […]