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Why Wood 3

If Xena captured first place in my heart this weekend, then second place went to Snekke 2.  Hear it purr through a lake (in New Hampshire?) here. Named after a traditional Norwegian design for the smallest Viking longships, this beaut comes from the boatshop of Andrew Wallace, featured on this great vintage boat site. Talking […]

Why Wood

I wanted to spotlight a blogpost that raises the interesting question that I’ve used in my title.  And I’ll limit my answer to small boats:  it’s about aesthetics. The sleek launch Suwanee below (31′ loa x 4′ beam!!) (Notice Elizabeth standing waaay back by the stern.)  celebrates a century since launch this year.  Built in […]

Sirens Any Day

Sirens are not just for Sundays. Coney Island features not only a mermaid parade but also a Siren Festival. Stealth while out canoeing in the north woods might reveal just about any type of siren above or . . . below. At a party recently, someone who knows about the blog asked me, “What is […]


Or . . . interruption. First, happy M-day to all the mothers in my lives. Of course, current marking of the day in the US has drifted quite a distance from Anna Jarvis original idea. An idea for this post just hatched, surfaced . . . or visitated me, as this finny one did last […]

Meditations O

O . . . oil, petrOleum, fuel, which I’m guessing is the sixth boro’s most valuable cargo; not to say sand, rock, scrap, cement lack value.   Wonder fuel of the past 150 or so years, thanks to what Edwin Drake started.  But what will power home and industry and what cargo will hold greatest value […]