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Shear Legs

title sounds provocative?   Well,  I’ll subtitle this “whole lotta dredgin’ 6.”  It’s been almost three years since I’ve used this title, but .  .   . when Sabine‘s this close to the beach and there’s a tube in the water, there must be a shear leg  or two lurking nearby, although I wonder if […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’ 5

I stopped at the KVK today just in time to watch an anchor move.  Crew on the “bent-leg” barge caught the hook in the eye of the anchor cable, and then Sea Bear powered away, the barge submerging in the process. The anchor got winched up and the barge crew took the applause as the […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’ 4

Digging requires claws.  Claws inspire primal dread.  Dredge machines seem beclawed in groteque ways.  And they’re huge, like the ape that scrambled up the Empire State building.  I waited long but in vain to line up these talons and the tower in the distance, but I’m sure you can visualize the effect.  Imagine the headline: […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’ 3

Late December featured the second post on dredging and more; here’s the latest installment.  At first glance, Baltic Dawn seems about to lose its stern to an oversize bucket (or at least get a machine’s version of a butt pinch), but –no–it was just an illusion. All progressed well with this project not far from […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’ 2

Here was the first post in this series.  Some months back I wondered what this vessel was;  only by the time it had sailed a thousand miles southward did I realize it was a dredger, B. E. Lindholm.  If only I had gone around the barge here at the east end of Caddell’s . . […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’

One day Atlantic Coast moves the scow, and the next it moves what would scoop sixth-boro-bottom into  the scow. Michele Jean does pre- and post-dredging surveying. An eight-leg stand bucket (?) in autumn light is as beautiful as a spring daffodil about to open, a bud just quivering with excitement. Fin Kennedy has its niche. […]