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Whatzit 34

Call this one a triple whatzit, my series driven by the watch word “if you see something, say  (or post) something. I’ll just put up the photos, and then say what I know or don’t know. Below, I don’t know but think it’s a lifeboat drill performed while Anthem of the Seas was in town […]

Whatzit 32 Followup

Here was Whatzit 32.  And what is it? Well, it’s big… and it’s unusual in that it came from overseas all the way to Lock E8, where a crane has been set up to transfer oversize cargo …  I look forward to getting a photo there in a few weeks. Here’s what this piece is.  This […]

Whatzit 28

Here’s the index. Of course, it’s two boats, the sloop Clearwater tied up to the ex-NYC DEP skimmer Cormorant.  As I understand the situation, it’s on the market . . . again. I don’t know the date of this photo or the identity of the person showing scale. And here’s Clearwater pulling away.  But, before […]

Whatzit 27

This post is a serious whatzit, an attempt to find out more about a tugboat in the photo below.  I use the photo courtesy of the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse.  If you have not been reading this blog very long, I spent five months last year working on a historic tug on the Erie […]

Whatzit 19

I know some folks refuse to spend time with Facebook.  I entered there in 2008 after figuring out it was the only way to communicate and exchange photos with some people.  Now I’ve joined 14 groups there . .  and checking in has become similar to dropping by the breakroom at a job. Saturday night […]

Whatzit 14

Here was 13 . . . from what seems ages ago. And the next few?  A freak snowfall in the sixth boro? And might these be protest signs? Not at all!  Today is open house in lots of places in NYC, including the “salt pile” aka Atlantic Salt.  And kids at local schools have prepared […]

Whatzit 12

Answer can be found at the end of this post.  I was thrilled to find this sixth boro foto today.  Shot appears to be towards the northwest, but I’m not certain yet.  It appears to be a merge of two fotos.  On lower left side of my original foto the handwritten number “1906” is visible. […]

Whatzit 6

A new movie monster?  A snared mutant terrapin or parrot?  Puff the magic dragon roused from a peaceful hibernation?  My wildest love with green painted nails?  Double click to enlarge, if you dare. Dragster engine turned on its side? A new dynamic stabile installed along the KVK? Rock sampling?  Old port building demolition?  EPRC bucket […]

Dense Traffic 6

I’m surprised I’ve not used this title in almost a year, since the thought often comes my way that some very busy waterways exist in the sixth boro.  Like below with the four Moran tugs and one tanker.  Since three are headed to the left, you might be wondering why.  Easy . . .  those […]

Sixth Boro Sampler 3

Gene Chaser appears to be a sister of Ad-Vantage, which appeared here a year and a half ago.  Click on the link at the beginning of the first sentence and you’ll see some interior shots of this 55-meter yacht support vessel. At some point, yacht support vessel Ad-Vantage was available for charter for a mere […]