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Weather 3

Sunday March 14, Red Hook (Brooklyn) and looking to the southwest.  The bulker beyond Houma is Darya Shanthi, Weeks crane 529 offloading  salt. Sky darkens quickly over Staten Island.  The dark plume apparent beyond  the Bayonne can be seen zoomed in here, probably from the Bayway refineries although it looks like an ominous cyclone.  For […]

Weather 2

Technically this is a post about the effects of weather;  I couldn’t document the wind-driven snow because it happened in darkness.  Maybe you witnessed it; I took the coward’s way out and crawled into bed early.  I trudged out early to record these effects like the wreath on Liberty IV having more frosting than two […]


The sixth boro has had a lot of weather this past month;  Bowsprite‘s drawing and writing about it.  I’m just trying to weather it.  And Andres has arrived. Hmm.  “Weathering storms”  . . . now that phrase puzzles me.  Storms are weather.  Metaphorical storms that need weathering like illness or loss   . . . what […]


I’m looking south toward the Narrows from a 23rd floor in Battery Park City while fog tries to squeeze under the VZ Bridge.  One day last year down by the Narrows without my camera, I watched a container ship disappear into a fog bank like this.  If I’d had the camera, I could have posted […]

Salt 15

Salt 14 dates from November 2017, with previous installments going back to 2009, when bulk carriers could not yet dock at the current location of Atlantic Salt aka “the salt pile”.  As of this time, there’s not much of a pile at the salt pile. With our mild weather for the early part of this […]

People on the Boro 28

First, thanks to Michele for helping me find a way to adjust photos here so that they enlarge when clicked. The KVK is one of those places where mariners can be seen working:  no gate pass or special access required.  They might be preparing the gangway, all harnessed in as a shipmate operates the controls. […]

Grain de Sail 3

Barebones post today . . .  since these photos I took between 1030 and 1130.  By now, 1230, they’ve dropped the pilot at the end of Ambrose and set a course for . . .  warmer weather and (but first sails need to be raised… and adjusted.) … warmer weather in Dominican Republic, where a […]

Sixth Boro Sampler 2

Some harbors are more varied than others.  I’m happy to call the sixth boro home for now.  I’d never expect to see Emma Miller come in from “sea” or even in through the Narrows. The weather is quite variable as well.  In a singularly unpleasant day, MSC Alicante,  Ziyou ( a Tayana 37??), and a […]

Truckster! 15

Once every 1460 days, we get to vote for president, so it’s a special day.  Please vote.  Exactly 12 years ago, I did this post on presidential politics.  My post was not partisan, right?  Wasn’t that a civilized election?  A sloop with sails like that can not be imagined in 2020. A special day offers […]

Random Tugs 311

Behold an entire fleet, and the current boats of a family business operating boats in New York since 1927. The Brown family boats are distinguished by their color and meticulous condition.    Maybe you can’t tell by their condition, but one of these boats dates from 2015, one from 2002, and one from 1962.  Styling […]