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Really Random Tugs 31

Yesterday’s post led with Jared S aka Cheyenne II, and so I’m grateful to Jason LaDue for sending along a photo he took before she sank into the Genesee River, where she still lies. This next photo was taken by Renee Lutz Stanley, recently, as Pelham assisted the dead but lively Frying Pan to Caddell for some […]

Saltwater Colors 2

Here was SWC 1, and before that there was watercolor 4 (thanks to a burst of sunshine) and 3, 2, and 1 . . . you can seek out if you wish using the search window to the left. What strikes me about the foto below is how hard it is to distinguish where metal ends […]

NYC Tugboat Race 2011: Others’ Fotos

The first four fotos here come thanks to Marian Hyman, who took them from the pier at 69/70th Street.  Not a hint of the froth and exhaust to come until  . . . the signal comes, and then there are pair matches as well as whole field headed south to the finish line through silt […]

NYC Tugboat Race 2011 b

Working Harbor Committee win an award for perpetuating this event and calling it race AND competition.  And at the expense of making this post almost as long as some of those cinema and music award shows, I’d like to add some aditional awards . . . like for “best improvised bowsprit on a tugboat” . […]

June Fishing in the Sixth Boro 2

#1 was here. It’s June.  Might you be suffering from hypoclupea . . .  deficiency of herring?    Read what the celebrated neurologist Oliver Sacks writes about treatment here, as published in the New Yorker two years ago.  Hypoclupea can leave you blase, bleached, apathetic . . . dried out . . . as Miss […]


means “jumbovision”  or “not everything fits inside a steel box.” Jeff Anzevino took the fotos in Poughkeepsie last Saturday, and  coincidentally Bowsprite became intrigued with her some hours later as the jumboship passed through a dark sixth boro bound for sea.  Bowsprite’s watercolor renders her conceptually, whereas Jeff’s fotos caught her naked deckload.   As […]

Saltwater Colors

or maybe that should that be parsed as “salt watercolors or “aquarelle du sel.”   The title here comes from the final line in bowsprite’s post on her “tools of the trade.”  She’s also shown her studio in the most recent post here, and further discussed the craft of her trade in the comments.  My […]

Politsa Lady

She brightened my day once last spring. Saturday she spun around in the KVK with assistance–not from Meagan Ann, who seemed more to spectate like me–from from Gramma Lee T. Moran. She headed out not to sea immediately but first to the anchorage for whatever Emma Miller could give her. All fotos by Will Van Dorp, […]

Night Light

The artist Naima Rauam painted the watercolor below, “Docking a Freighter.”   At the end of this post I explain why the image is here.  Many of my favorites among her watercolors she did in the wee hours at the (old) Fulton Fish Market, a place that lives on only in her work. Thanks to […]

Outerbridge Mystery Solved

Be sure to check out the info Norman Brouwer left here in reference to the Moshulu/New York City connection.   More Moshulu fotos soon. OK, this Liberty ship Tugster teaser foto you’ve seen already, and this one you haven’t.  And if I zoom in a little closer, you might make out the name.  To me […]