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Islands 2

How many islands do you see in this photo? Well, the upper wheelhouse of Long Island is all you could see of the tugboat in the photo above.  Below you see the port side of the tugboat, possibly the newest Vane Brothers’ name in the sixth boro. Below is Tangier Island.  Now you’d almost think […]

Thanks to Barrel 1

All photos in this series came via “Barrel,” a 30+ year employee of USACE, and they’ve raised a handful of questions, launched a clutch of searches. Stacy McAllister, previously Houma . . .  I don’t know the year this photo was taken, but since YTL-811 came into McAllister hands in 2003, that fact narrows the […]

Really Random Tugs 32

Here were the previous in this series. The first three photos here come from John “Jed” Jedrlinic, whose previous contributions can be found here. Coral Coast is a venerable 3000 hp 45-year-old, like some others I know, although they might not see all that horsepower as complimentary. Katherine, same horsepower, is nine years newer. This Michael […]

Thanks to Kyle Stubbs b

Here are some more Harley tugs, thanks to Kyle, who sent along all the photos AND text for this post also. “MILLENNIUM FALCON built by  the Marine Construction & Design Co (MARCO) at Seattle, at used for long-haul fuel barge tows on the Pacific coast. OLYMPIC SCOUT was built in 1976 in-house for Pacific Towboat […]

Small Craft 10

Here were previous installments. And below are a set of small craft I’ve seen in the sixth boro and further environs so far this month . . . . The colors look familiar here, but This one I have noticed before . . . Wolf River used to be everywhere in the harbor until it got […]

Along Bayou Lafourche

At my age . . . I’ve come to some places where –at each–I could spend a lifetime;  choices need to be made.  And if I can’t spend that much time at each, the alternative might be to just keep moving . . . since it’s too hard to figure out how to get access. […]

Like Groundhog Day 3

Given the title, what do you think happened?  By 6 a.m., all six tugboats were assembled, looking almost like the start of a tugboat race. By 6:30, Maverick was in position. Good progress was happening with loading, but we struggled to find the best position for ourselves . . .  relative to the sunlight.  Staten […]

Like Groundhog Day

. . . the movie.  I’d thought to call this “getting closer to Rita” or DDSS.  Why?  Scuttlebutt had it that today was loading day, so I left home before 6, and the big orange back of Blue Marlin was still riderless.  Otherwise, things were not the same but very similar to yesterday.  Same people […]

Pairs in Springtime 5

 . . . or triplets.  How much can you identify about these three eastbound units?  Doubleclick enlarges fotos.Margaret Moran squares off with the bright orange Michele Jean, semi-concealed Atlantic Salvor and Miss Gill, Mary Gellatly and Colorado-registered Crow’s Nest, Blue Curaçao Citrus and Miller Girls, near-twin Vane Brothers boats, several pairs, very roughly speaking, near […]

Yon and Hither

Winston Churchill said:  “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  I’ll add .  .  . doesn’t matter where you go, just gogogo, hither and yon, yon and hither. Bowsprite and I did not collaborate on this . . . or even confer in any way.  I’m delighted by our different takes on the same scene. […]