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Port of R’dam 3

Here’s another set of recent photos, all taken by Jan Oosterboer, and all showing traffic quite different from what you’d see on our side of the A-Ocean. Start with these four tugs, three by Fairmount.  In the lead, it’s Fairmount Expedition, rated at 16320 bhp, and 205 ton bollard pull.   She’s Japan-built 2007. Second […]

Random Ships 42

The first photo comes via Fred Trooster, HHL Fremantle leaving Waalhaven for Port Said on 4 August, with RT Zoe, RT Stephanie, and RT Claire, for new lives there . . . . All the rest I’ve taken recently in the sixth boro  . . .  Gracious Ace (a fun name) left Yokohama on June 30. Palmerton […]

Port of R’dam 1

The etymology here is “rotte” and “dam,” and as a silly kid, I used to call it “rotten dam,” since silly kids make fun of their heritage.  Rotte, though, is an old name for a waterway in the Rhine-Maas delta.  It is truly a complex port, and thanks to my parents, one where I can […]

Raised Ace 2

Here was part 1 of this story about the ill-fated Baltic Ace. Jan Oosterboer took these photos in the Waalhaven portion of Rotterdam harbor. Tugboat Viking barged these parts to Waalhaven  on July 2. Can you recognize the make of car? Click here to see this model out of the water but in workable condition.  The […]

Raised Ace

You might remember the story of the tragic sinking . . . December 2012 and the immediate aftermath.  Baltic Ace was only five years in service and part of a huge fleet. The MOL Ace’s often serve the sixth boro as well, as seen in the top photo from a tugster post here from three years ago. […]

Random Ships 41

All these photos were taken last weekend in the port of Rotterdam by Jan Oosterboer and used via Fred Trooster.  Notice their size: MSC Regulus . . . 1200′ x 156” Margrethe Maersk, here tailed by SD Shark, at 1309′ x 196′   . . . a Maersk Triple E class container vessel, capacity of […]

Bowsprite’s People Movers 3 and MUCH More

Click here for the index to this series.  The elusive Bowsprite’s work is not elusive here. MV Alice Austen‘s namesake was a pioneer photographer from Staten Island. The other ferry of the Austen class was named for another famous Staten Island artist here. Rich Taylor, who has sent along other photos including this one, which I […]

Pilots 9

I’d love to know more about this launch . . . in terms of engine and performance. “Launch” is what the pilot service calls this. And this is the PSV (pilot station vessel) Polaris, which has operated off the Port of rotterdam for three plus years now. For some great photos of pilot vessels all over the […]

Assorted Dutch Craft 3

Here’s an index to previous posts with this theme.  But truth be told, technology has no nationality.  Click here and scroll through for the last vessel, a Dutch tug vessel that for a time worked in the Chesapeake.  Here she was last week, all decked out and doing a tour in connection with a Maassluis’ tugboat […]

Really Random Tugs 28

“Really random” posts tend to be far-flung, so let’s start out with this photo by Jed, who has contributed many photos recently.   Then there’s JED, who has contributed photos starting from 2008.   The boat dates from 1975. From Jan Oosterboer via Fred Trooster, here’s the 1955 tug Argus along with Orion (1961), and Sirius (1966). […]