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New York Media Boat 1

Photo thanks to John Skelson . . . it’s not a bird . . .  it’s not a plane . . . it’s NY Media Boat, one of the recent recipients of the Life Saving Award from the Marine Society of New York for a February 2014 rescue from a sinking tugboat. So . . […]

Lost Underfoot 1

What’s this . .  on tugster, a bit of sidewalk with some not yet busted stains better know as gum spots?  But look at the date and info on the black granite plaque below, one of 200 or so that commemorate past ticker tape parade along Broadway in Lower Manhattan. It turns out that Capt. […]

Great! Chesapeake Schooner Race 2

I post this as the race is approaching its finish; see live tracking at the bottom here. Twenty-fours hours ago Baltimore-based Chock WYTL-65602 was leaving Annapolis to go on station as pin boat 1 . . . the west side of the starting gate.  Pin boat here takes on a whole new meaning.  For a […]

Thanks to Christina Sun

aka Bowsprite . . .  and kudos for seeing and helping us see with your pen and brush and bamboo sticks, rendering all manner of floating things . . . some that roar, some that sink and and rise and sink and rise or open and shut and open and  . . .  ; others […]

Interview with a Seal

When I got to the wreck Easter morning, as you know, I spotted a seal.  In the fog and from a distance, I first imagined it another creature–one more typically associated with Easter but for some reason with a flattened tail and sleeping on the beach.   I gave it wide berth, but when it […]

Tugster Post 1280

The last milestone was the 1000, but this one, post 1280, goes up exactly four years (well, I’m three days late, actually)  after my first ever post.  Since then, I’ve spent countless hours of free time educating and entertaining myself,   touring other folk through the sixth boro, interacting with passersby in ports wherever they […]

Small Craft

Small working craft serve a host of  functions, as observed in the fotos below.  I witnessed an interesting gesture involving the New Jersey State Police below, which gave me great respect for the trooper at the helm.  You’ll have to scroll through to the bottom to learn what happened, though. OK, so this is probably […]

Flinterduin Heads for Boro6

Foto credit here goes to Wilto Eekhof of the city of Sneek in the Netherlands province of Friesland.  And I’m crediting him via Koopvaardij as transmitted by  SeaBart of  Flinterduin, below, looks to set of record for masts:  a 15-(at least)-masted-power vessel.  Here at the Flinter site are pics of the loading of this […]

Swim Day: Splash!

Let me put a bit of “back story” here:  out of late winter/spring discussions between Bowsprite and I floated upward the notion to invite a number of fellow waterbloggers and others to write their thoughts on swimming and otherwise just playing in water. I’m just thrilled by the response, so thrilled in fact that I […]

Mermaid Parade 2009

The annual visitation of merfolk and their friends happened on cue this afternoon.  This intrepid witness scouted out the approach path (marked in orange here)  in spite of the incessant rain.  Summer begins tomorrow;  rainy season has drenched us and promoted mushroom harvest several weeks already.  An unidentified tug sallied forth to summon the assembled […]