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Exotics 7

Elsbeth III appeared in the Lower Bay on AIS Thanksgiving Day morning, and no matter the temperatures, I headed out to the surest intercept for photos. It turns out she’s not the boat I’d seen here over two years ago, delivering 20 barges all at once . . .  but the fleet sisters surely look […]

Something Different 30

From this blog and blogger to you and yours . . . Happy Thanksgiving, today and everyday. As if it’s possible to say anything new, I am thankful that so any of you read this blog and communicate back by some means.  I am also thankful that I have the health and opportunity to get […]

Thanks to George Schneider 1

George sent me these photos months ago, and I apologize for leaving them in storage for so long. But since I have a lull in traveling, these photos need to come out now, starting with Deschenes, about which I’ll have more to say at the end of this post.  This photo was taken in the […]

Government Boats 41

Let me start to play catch up here, since I have not done one of these posts in over half a year.  Anyone know why HMCS St. John’s (FHH-340) steamed into the sixth boro yesterday, Thanksgiving Day?  To assist this 45′ USCG response vessel and all the land-based law enforcement in keeping order on the so-called “black […]

Other People’s Photos 58

Here’s a short but motley set of photos.  Can you identify the tug below sporting the Canadian flag?  Answer follows. Below it’s Barry Silverton, pushing Fight ALS eastbound on the East River.   Big Allis identifies the location, where Don Jon folks/equipment have recently placed the platforms to the lower right side of the photo. […]

Gunkholes, Harbors, Ports and Wharves 26

Sorry if I confused a few of you with the acronym GHP&W.  You see how it expands above.  I suppose this is a sixth boro gunkhole of an upscale sort, and I’ll let you guess where at first.  And given the date today, my misleading clue is “turkey sailboat.” I’ll use relative cardinal directions:  looking […]

Other Peoples Fotos 25

Here was 24. It’s T’day, and one of many things I’m thankful for is readers who write back and send fotos like these. First foto, it’s Tilly!  Stephen Freer sent this from Key West, where he seeks investors to get this 1943 vessel built in the sixth boro operating as a tug co-operative using waste vegetable […]

Random Tugs 101

From a moving vantage point in the center of the Upper Bay, I look south and see Shawn Miller pushing a deck barge to facilitate some trucking on the sixth boro. To the north, it’s Gabby L Miller crossing with 1WTC in the background.  At Blue Friday plus 80 days (i.e., 80 days since that […]


According to the calculations on my rusty cruncher . . . this number has passed in the wee and dark and windy hours of Boxing Day. A million . . .  graphic ways of representing this would be . . . it would take 158 trips of Queen Sapphire, currently in the sixth boro, to […]

Alice Again 2

Yesterday a goal was to get a better look at this vessel, Ternen. Her odd posture resulted from some marine variation on a flat tire. And while I watched, this familiar bulbous bow appeared, headed for sea.  Alice!!  she was in town almost to the day six years after I started this blog. Almost exactly […]