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Port of Albany 1

aka GHP&W 5 You saw the tug Cornell moving Clearwater to the Rondout in this post in late October.  But if you wondered how the Maine-built sloop was loaded, today’s your lucky day.  First, the truck comes to deliver the wood to support the keel on the barge before the Travelift moves Clearwater.  Along the left side […]

Highway 3

Here was Highway the first and second. The photo below I took on June 22. Cheyenne was headed for Erie PA and Margot was St. Lawrence bound. June 23 . . . Margot pushes her load out into Lake Ontario past Kathy Lynn and the dredge working the mouth of Oswego harbor, Massena bound. This […]

Sepia Tugs

What’s this?  Where?  Answer follows.  It’s not really sepia per se, just an approximation. I took this foto a week ago, then stripped out the color.  It’s Yemitzis, the former PRR Philadelphia, launched 1954.  Major modifications have happened between the two incarnations. Here’s another foto I took last week, Resolute.  With its ample pudding, it’s […]

Clearwater Maintenance 2013

If anyone out there needs to be convinced of the beauty of the Hudson Valley less than 100 miles north of the big city, take a glance at this foto by Tim Hetrick showing tanker Icdas 11 escorted by a paparazzi savvy eagle. The foto below shows sloop Clearwater in mid-June arriving at the music […]

Meanwhile . . . in the Sixth Boro n Beyond

Many thanks to Paul Strubeck for this foto of a preserved “results report” he has . . .   from a 60-year-old typewriter!  A week from today Working Harbor Committee is sponsoring a great event they call the 20th annual North River Tugboat Race, but clearly there have been more than 19 prior races involving […]


I owe Paul Strubeck for these fotos;  he endured the 2 a.m. cold at Crum Elbow to get them.  Kristin Poling you’ve seen here many times before. I manipulated the fotos, squeezing out some of the darkness, enhancing the little light in the original.  The stem bitt in the lower right belongs to tug Cornell, […]

Not Iced In

No . .  I’ve been tied up with spring cleaning . . . really.  But the blog needs to break out.  Here’s Davis Sea pushing up the Rondout past Petersburg and Hackensack. And all the rest here from Paul Strubeck’s lens/flickr account, and all take between 60 and 110 miles north of the sixth boro. […]


Unofficially I’m calling this Relief Crew 11 because the idea, info, and most of the fotos come thanks to Paul Strubeck, hearty crewman of Cornell.  And before looking any farther through this post, quick–tell me the name of a freight rail line that operates in New York harbor, aka the sixth boro.  Answer follows. But […]

100 Years to the Day

At some point, maybe days before April 23, 1921, at McDougall Duluth Shipyard, this vessel, Interwaterways Line Incorporated 101, or ILI 101, had taken shape on the ways. After it slid down the ways at launch, it was followed by four sisters, all before summer began in 1921.  The 101 traveled via the Soo, three […]

Fruits of Preservation 3

Here were the first two installments of this series.  And what prompts this post is the news yesterday about a $200 million structure in the assembly stages just four years ago.  Click on the image below to see the post I did just four years ago. It will be scrapped as announced yesterday here.  The […]