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SoG Tugs

Any idea what SoG might be?  If you haven’t guessed by the end of this post, the answer will be listed there, along with credits.   You’ll agree with me that the assortment of containers are the same as you’d see on any back field along the edges of the sixth boro. Kjella, 1957, I […]

Other Peoples Photos 78

. .  or I could call this Scale, the next number in line. Directly below, it’s Commander, the 140′ x 54′  escort tug on its way to Alaska in 2018.  Photo comes from my sister, of ketch Maraki.  She caught the tug off the east end of the Panama Canal.  More on Commander here. And […]

Bouchard 2

This post follows on one I did seven and a half years ago, here. The first photo–Donna J. with B. No. 272— comes thanks to Jed, whose Caribbean tugs you may recently have seen here.   Donna J. is moved by two EMD R20-710G7C-T3 generating 10,000 hp.  Also notable is her fuel capacity of 301,504 gallons […]

Thanks to Jed 4

Click here for previous photos from Jed.  Click here for a photo of John W. Brown when she housed a high school in the sixth boro, pre-1988.  Jed took these photos while he was onboard in Norfolk this past weekend.   Click here for info about her September 2016 visit back to her place when she […]

Aweigh 2017

It turns out, I’ve done a post like this once before . . .  in 2012 here.  When I took the next two photos on Tuesday, I’d thought all the fleet week vessels had already departed.  Well, wrong . . . there went LHD-3 USS Kearsarge . . . which reminded me this would be […]

Thanks to Jed 3

Over the past few years, John Jedrlinic aka “Jed” has shared a lot of photos he’s taken near Norfolk, which is great since otherwise I’d never have seen some of these.  Take Huntington, below, apparently the in-house tug of the shipyard in Newport News. Or McAllister Boys, I’ve no idea which foreign port she works out […]

Really Random Tugs 37

This photo of Godfather should catch someone’s eye, but I’m going to direct that attention then to Paul Johnson’s wonderful site, which if you have an hour to kill, will make that go by in what seems a minute.  Thanks to RG, my brother-in-central-African-1970s-experiences for passing this along.  As to Godfather, she’s by a year or so […]

Other People’s Photos 58

With apologies all around . ..  I am tardy in posting some of the photos I enjoy getting from you all readers. Tardiness . . . my only argument is that I am very busy with projects that will come out at some point. Like this one that Ted M sent in response to my Turmoil post […]

Thanks to Jed 2

Here was the first post in this series. Jed took these in the Chesapeake a few years back.   I believe that’s TSH dredge Liberty Island on the far side of freight barge Columbia Elizabeth.   Prime mover here is Katie G. McAllister, which appeared here almost two years ago. Donal G. McAllister is another […]

Thanks to Jed

… John Jedrlinic, that is.  Jed has sent along quite a few photos, some of which you can see here. I believe all these photos were taken in Baltimore in September 2011.  I’ve been to Baltimore, but I’ve never seen a Krause tug.  More of my photos from Baltimore here, and maybe I should head […]