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Two Hours on the KVK 3: Winter Solstice

I chased the moon this morning, and lost.  By the time I got away from my high-horizoned, building-intensive lair, the solstice moon only recently eclipsed, had slipped beneath the New Jersey highlands, but in spite of the cold . . . . I was not disappointed. First I caught the sixth-boro newby Crystal Cutler pushing […]

Solstice ’10

June 19 . . . from the boardwalk after the parade, and (maybe celebrating solstice inland) nary a mermaid or seamaster in sight.  An unidentified sloop plots a course between two outbound c-vessels.  See frogma’s solstice on the boardwalk pix here. June 18 . . . a McAllister boat heads past the World Financial Center […]

Winter Solstice 2009

Today shows on most calendars as the winter solstice, and that makes me smile.  In my neck of the woods … er … cove in the boro, it’s just another workday.  But at many times in as many places, it’s been a BIG day.  For me, the  winter solstice conveys more hope.  So here’s a […]

Winter Solstice 2008

Of course, many bright happy spots and fine people surround me this dark solstice.  Yet, I have to consciously remind myself of this brightness sometimes, given how bleak this time of year can seem, and especially this December.  So . . . an especially cheery thought is that, given the best scientific knowledge on merfolk […]

Summer Solstice 08 B

While monitoring 11 on the VHF, I hear “(garble static garble)… to harbor traffic” and then a vessel appears, this guy at the helm, all part of this one-day mermaid invasion. His vessel? No doubt this represents state-of-the-art amphibious mermaid special ops, with low fuel consumption. I need to add his figurehead to my collection. […]

Summer Solstice 08

Nothing limits the way a story can be told..  After all, it’s a story . . . So, in one version, it starts with a tug, not an ordinary one, not the usual set of cargoes. Signs of the extraordinary delivery show up in some beach fashions. The ship is in, the once a year […]

Winter Solstice 2

Blogging–you know this–means maintaining a log, with all the benefits. Here‘s what I logged a year ago.   The solstice this year happens 12/22 at 1:08 am EST (6:08 UT). For this post, I wanted only fotos I took on the 12/21. Above a very crowded Arthur Kill: (foreground left to right) Thomas D. Witte, […]

Summer Solstice

About to appear on stage it’s the summer solstice 2007 and . . . Ambrose. This one’s for Tana for her tour of  Vancouver’s water space.   Ambrose‘s gongs are silent; she doesn’t sing, dance, or play music . . . although those mushroom anchors resemble “bells” of brass instruments . . . right behind […]


A reader recently sent this picture of John B. Caddell. It’s steaming under the Bayonne Bridge, which, if you didn’t recognize it, is the classic bridge that graces the top of my blog page. Richard, thanks. Happy solstice! Carrying the equivalent of at least 30 large tanker trucks, coastal tankers like John B.  lessen highway […]

Retro Sixth Boro 38 B

In case you’re new to this blog,”retro” means I’m looking back to my photo archives exactly 10 years to June 2011.  The “38” here means this is the thirty-eighth month I’ve done this.  It’s a fresh look at June 2011 photos, in some cases informed by whatever the past 10 years has wrought. Bridge Builder […]