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Small Craft 23

ABC-1 is unique, a survivor.  Launched in Sturgeon Bay in November 1941, she was originally built for the US Army as a vessel to collect mine boxes.  Here she returns from a supply run in Port Elizabeth or Newark, as she’s done for as long as I’ve been paying attention.  Here, by the way, is […]

Small Craft 22

This will be a photo-rich post, starting with bridge workers currently at the Brooklyn side VZ tower, aka the former Fort Lafayette. You might remember Michele Jean;  Christina is the replacement vessel. Most small craft in the sixth boro work all year round, in either construction, hydrographic surveys, boom handling, launch service, law enforcement, and more. […]

Small Craft 21

It’s that time of year. Some small commercial fishing boats do stay around in winter, but I don’t recall seeing Never Enuff in frigid weather. Catamarans like Good Karma might sail all winter, but down south ….   Jackie C . . . a dive boat?   I didn’t catch a name on this trap […]

Small Craft 20

It’s the first full day of spring, which means that soon many more small craft will operate on the sixth boro, yet all winter long, many small boats never leave. If this is a Class A 25′ SAFE Defender boat, it may have entered service in 2002.   I’ll be back with this. Here are […]

Small Craft 19

Here are previous iterations of this title. Well, in fresh water like the Upper Saint Lawrence, they look like this, from a photo by Jake Van Reenen. In salt water, even small outboard work year round.  There are boom boats, patrol boats, more boom boats, clam-digging boats, small island supply boats, fishing boats, police boats, […]

22 to 2 Small Craft

And that’s not some sports scores.  This is a set of photos from a two-day run from Sylvan Beach to Waterford, locks E22 to E2. A chart identifies locations along the Canal that are just ghosts, absences now like “USAF oil docks” rather than presences. Eyes outside though show presences, lots of small boats, very […]

A to P 6: Small Craft

Gatun Lake, slightly less than half the area of the Salton Sea, sees diverse traffic: ships, yachts, and small craft.  Below is a Canal security boat, of which we saw several in our transit.  That’s a range marker in the trees. Twenty-something miles of the transit is across the Lake, named for a village on […]

Small Craft 18

Here are previous posts in this series. Below . . . could that almost be a dawn or twilight background?  And is that a canot a glace aka ice canoe –with oars instead of paddles–maybe?  Ice canoeing, some would say, is the real Canadian winter sport . . . Well, no matter how much you squint, […]

Small Craft 17

At first, I’d been concerned these folks in green kayakers were holding the wall for stability. Then later I saw this and realized that the Chicago River has so much current that one guide’s role in a “muster” is to paddle up current to keep the raft from heading for the Mississippi. And this styling? […]

Small Craft 16

To me, this is a water craft built with craftsmanship and sailed with care.   The blue boat . . . well, I just hope the paddler is not wearing headphones. Here’s another hand-crafted wooden boat.   Here?    Well, kayaks are fun.   I used to spend many hours in an earlier version of […]