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Other People’s Fotos 17

I suppose I could call this “random and gorgeous tug fotos I wish I’d taken.” Thanks to John Skelson for this one of Coastline Bay Star.  I’ve seen this vessel only once in this incarnation of her, but it was in Belt traffic from which a foto was impossible.  John nails it here.  What a […]

Traffic Over the Sixth Boro

This foto shortchanges both Porto–container vessel at Howland Hook–and whatever aircraft flies above it.  Which aircraft . . . you may wonder? This one!!  Or these ones. Astride the Boeing’s shoulders is OV-101, the engineless shuttle that never entered space, escorted by a T-38 chase plane. They checked out the Bayonne Bridge and scoped out progress on […]

Mostly Seas

When I saw this unit arrive, I thought maybe I’d see one of the larger tugs painted in Kirby colors, like Davis Sea pushing the barge and unlike Solomon Sea that still bears K-Sea colors. The Patriot has become DBL 83, pushed by Weddell Sea. But I was wrong:  Tasman Sea looks as it has […]

All Manner of Vessels and Flotsam

Check out the name plate . . . Davis Sea.  Yup, it’s THAT Davis Sea as captured less than a week ago by John Skelson.  Two months ago, I got a foto of Davis Sea looking like this (third foto down). And from Pam Hepburn, THIS is what I spotted alongside Linda G, back in […]

Other People’s Fotos 9

I’d planned something different for today, but then my inbox started to fill.  And it makes me happy to feel a community building here.  So . . . thanks all for reading and sending fotos and links.  I wanted to go out taking fotos, but a pile of tasks told me to stay home. First, […]

Like Groundhog Day 4

Note:  See Blue Marlin herself in drydock in Korea here. Day 19 . . . for Blue Marlin in the sixth boro.  I arrive at my new vantage point at 7:11 a.m.  John Reinauer is already tied in, forward starboard side. Dean floats in nose to John.  Samantha holds Janice Ann in the foreground left. Am […]