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Flags of Convenience 4

That declaration . . . it’s good to read it now and again, especially these days.  And since I choose to post at noon, this post will be up for half the holiday, even if the holiday is NOT the actual date the document was signed. In civilian life, flags are freely displayed, without compulsion. […]

Up the Last Creek

Uh . .  any guesses which creek that might be?   It’s still the sleek lines of the GUP carrier once so familiar to folks paying attention to sixth boro traffic. Newtown Creek is now going up a waterway for the last time and what a waterway this is.  From here, she’ll be further dismantled […]

Whatzit 37

Here are previous posts in this “whatzit” series, the most recent being components of The Vessel. So what’s this craft below? Well, back in September 2010, she was excursion vessel Commander running into the Hudson Highlands out of Haverstaw.  She nearly made it to 100 years in various excursion assignments after being launched in North […]

Port of Erie PA 1

The port of Erie is protected behind an “almost island” called Presque Isle, pronounced in French to rhyme with “wheel.”  Click on the map to interact with it. So guess which “laker” was behind Presque Isle the other day?  Presque Isle, of course, and that’s the name of both the tug and barge.  Both parts […]

Playing in the Cuyahoga 2

I missed the ship  at first, even though I was looking for it.  Then its slow steady movement caught my attention.  Behold the bunker carrier Buffalo in Cleveland steaming upstream without tug assist, although it has thrusters.  There’s 68′ beam of this self-unloading bulker winding her way upstream. See the green-domed clock tower on the ridge? […]

Inside Out

Given the hold shots from Wavertree in yesterday’s post, can you guess the vessels?  Answers at the end of this post. While under construction . . . looking aft. During dormancy and along the port side looking aft? During restoration and looking aft . . . . During rejuvenation and looking forward . . . […]

Random Ships 36

How many more folks in the cold first months of 2015 would have slipped on walkways or skidded off roadways had it not been for our annual salt infusion?  Spar Spica is the most recent vessel emptied here. How many old trucks and cars have a second life in the Caribbean islands because of this […]

Thanks to Barrel 13

Barrel comes up with unusual photos . . . and this one below,  Merritt,  shows a side-cast dredge with a draft of less than 5′. It appears she’s still in use.   Here’s the info. I wish that tree was not obscuring the tug, but the real star here is the ship, an oddity that […]

Morning KVK 4

0633 . . . the other morning, a quarter hour after sunrise. 30 seconds later, at a different angle. It’s really about light.         0832  The good light is gone.  Time to move on to something else.   But wait . .  are those the towers of the new Goethals Bridge along […]

Second Lives 21

Here are previous posts under the category second lives, a designation I use for vessels that are significantly modified from one owner or role to another. The approaching vessel in the next two shots–which I took on the Erie Canal west of Three Rivers in September 2014–show Grand Erie, the newest (built 1951!!) and largest tug […]