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Salt 6

Here are segments 1–5. New York City is one of those places where tens of thousands of restaurants serve food from every imaginable region on earth.  Scroll through the NYTimes restaurant list for a small sampling.   Ditto music venues with sounds of the world. The vessel below caries a mundane product that also travels […]


I had planned to call this convergence, but the sixth boro or any harbor is much too dynamic a place for that title.  Stuff in and stuff out . . . .  From near to far here is Dewaruci, Arabian Sea, and Swan.  Dewaruci, arriving here already last Thursday, was the vanguard of the flotilla […]


Scotty Sky first appeared here on this blog over three years ago.  Here’s a light Scotty Sky westbound on the KVK, drawing a little more than my canoe, and here she goes eastbound to an oil terminal up some relatively shallow creek impossibly heavy laden. All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Scotty Sky keeps tanker […]


Cheek to cheek . . .  imagine the force.  Imagine the damage if this were steel on steel.  But puddings of various sorts and fenders on different designs provide cushioning.   Anyone identify the tugboat on the starboard bow here? Crystal Cutler has stern fenders, Scotty Sky sometimes has a bow pudding that reminds me of a […]

Blount Global

Thanks to Fairlane and Ben for pointing out an example of “you travel far away to find what you left behind”  :  shipbuilders in southern New England labored to create vessels like Cayo Largo (2008) , below and here (fotos 6 and 7).  In fact, Cayo Largo displays front-and-center on the Blount Boats Shipyard site here. […]

Daily Ship 5

Cold waters of the KVK were not warmed  by this swarm of colorful steel housing powerful engines.  From left to right here:  Margaret Moran, Torm Carina, Evening Mist, Joan Moran, and facing us on the far side of the waterway, North Fighter. At the same moment less than a mile away and at the same […]

Operation Christmas Cheer 2008

Getting Geraldina ready for Operation CC this year meant doing the checklist:  engine–fluids fine and warmed up, safety equipment–aboard and accessible, VHF–triple redundancy, tides & weather–OK … bow pudding installed by elves Gary and Brian, checked and approved by Portside‘s founder Carolina Salguero aka Nemodeer, who explained the mission to Brittany Oat,’s intrepid reporter, […]


Last winter I caught Viking from a distance, with her unusual bow, and last week again I recognized her too late to catch a frontal. Check the foto on Paul the pirate’s post to see another vessel with Viking’s design. Anyone know the manufacturer of the coupling? Decker’s 1930 work-free nose carries a luxurious cushion […]

Tankerin’ 3

I’d thought this Patrick Sky, shown in this August post. But she has an older brother.   The name board offers proof positive: it’s Scotty Sky, ex-L. G. Laduca, launched 196o at Blount Boats, tankers. It turns out that Patrick Sky, ex-Gowanus Trader here and here, was also previously L. G. Laduca II.   What’s […]