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Llama Donna and her Tubular Load

. . . Lama Don A . . . ?  well, of course it’s La Madonna, but when I heard the on the VHF, my first thought was what I put as title. She’s part of the LA International fleet and following in the wake of Sarah Dann, delivering more modules for the Shell ethane […]

Random Tugs 302

As you know from some earlier posts, those red morning skies . .  they mark my favorite times. Here Coral Coast with Cement Transporter 5300 has just departed the dock with Ruby M‘s assistance.   Soon afterward, Sapphire Coast arrived with Cement Transporter 1801, and assisted by Stephen Dann. Later in the morning, Sarah Ann pushes […]

Retro 27 Gallivant

Nothing says the Delaware River up around Philadelphia and Camden more distinctly than a group of Hays tugs, here Big Daddy, High Roller, and Purple Hays.  That’s the stern of Grape Ape to the left. No company, I gather, has had more fun naming their boats than the Hays Tug and Launch folks.   I hope […]

Sixth Boro Southbound

What caught my attention was the towed side-by-side barge arrangement in the KVK, GL 65 and 66, with Stephanie Dann hanging off the stern. Once between Stapleton and Bay Ridge, the tow was re-made and and Sarah Dann took the two out the Narrows. Forty-eight hours later, they are still southbound, almost 350 nautical miles out […]

Random Tugs 125

Eastbound and from left, it’s Sunny Williams, Sarah Ann, and Ellen McAllister. Around the same time, it’s a light Patrice McAllister eastbound.  Compare the April 2014 shot below with these April 2012 ones of her first arriving in the sixth boro after the tragic fire on Lake Ontario. After all the ice work Kimberly Poling has done […]

Random Tugs 111

Robert E. McAllister has quickly become my favorite tugboat in the sixth boro.  I know how fickle that sounds . . .  But here, muscling Victorious Ace around under cover of darkness, Robert E. is incomparable. Of course, Margaret Moran nudging in Carnival Glory is no slouch either. As many in the sleeping city have […]

Random Tugs 77

If I haven’t not yet mentioned/heaped praise on, the site started by Birk Thomas (see last foto) and now co-administered by him and Harold E. Tartell, I am truly remiss.  Now that they have begun creating this capacious database, I don’t have to replicate some of their info.  So how about some fotos from the […]

Random Traffic End August 2011

A lot has happened here in 10 days, although the fotos here reveal none of it.  The sixth boro has its way of obscuring change, seasonal or otherwise.  I know folks within 10 miles of this waterway who have no power yet and who have tossed to curb-side trash picker-uppers most of their water-befouled furniture, […]

Pairs in Springtime 6

Here were 1 and  2.  Atlantic Salvor out front and Sarah Ann as steer boat make a working pair moving dredging spoils out for dumping at sea. Here Salvor communes with itself in glassy morning KVK water. Kristy Ann collaborates with Laurie Ann Reinauer to get RTC85 off the dock at IMTT Bayonne. A pair of deckhands […]

Sixth Boro Traffic 1

The amazing diversity of traffic on the boro all year round thrills me, like feather-light kayaks gliding past dredgers sucking alluvial ooze from the floor, one human powered craft yielding to OOCL Verrazano Bridge 4738-teu vessel with almost 60,000 (59764.08…) horsepower, more kayaks posing with Lucky D and different sullage scooping equipment before heading north […]