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Pegasus, Lincoln Sea, and DBL 140

As I mentioned before, the other morning brought clear bright light, along with the biting temperatures and wind. Given windy conditions, assistance was everywhere. I forgot to check where Lincoln Sea was arriving from, but she was headed for IMTT.  Alongside DBL 140 was Pegasus. Sharp morning light makes for crisp shadows.     As […]

Random Tugs 216

A week ago or so I did a post called Sarah D moving light;  in the next two photos she has a scow that appears light.   Earlier this year, I caught her at the Narrows at dawn headed for Queens.   Just a little earlier, Jane A. Bouchard heads down bound with B. No. […]

Thanks to George Schneider 1

George sent me these photos months ago, and I apologize for leaving them in storage for so long. But since I have a lull in traveling, these photos need to come out now, starting with Deschenes, about which I’ll have more to say at the end of this post.  This photo was taken in the […]

Narrows Dawn 2

It’s been a while since I used this title.  I went there yesterday morning to have a long walk but beat the impending heat.  Besides, a setting moon over Staten Island beckoned, and I had to be up early anyhow to milk the cows . . .. Well, that was a kink in the time […]

Really Random Tugs 38

Really random means just that . . . so that’s start with this one, Tutahaco, YTM-524, which has recently been hauled out of the water  between Daytona and St Augustine.   Michael Schmidt took these photos back last winter. She worked for a time in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The next two photos come from Allan and […]

Random Tugs 183

On the cusp of wintriness if not winter per se, the Hudson Valley is spectacular.  Let’s start with Fred Johannsen pushing this crane barge northward.  That’s the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge aka George Clinton Memorial Bridge (DeWitt Clinton’s uncle)  in the distance. Here Treasure Coast urges Cement Transporter 7700–one I’ve never seen before–the last mile to the […]

Random Tugs 182

Margot nears Troy with the Lockwood Bros barge from back in October. Watch the variety of backgrounds in this post, too. Jay Michael a few days ago passes by Con Hook. Amy C McAllister rounds the southern tip of Manhattan towing a capacious cargo barge Columbia Baltimore, capable of carrying 690 tees.. Betty D light crosses the Upper Bay. […]

Go West 1

By 1330 Tuesday, we docked at West Point, the first non-red pushpin in yesterday’s map.   Working backward, we saw Tappan Zee II at the TZ, as we did the Left Coast Lifter. Off the Palisades, we saw Sarah D; in Wallabout Bay, C. Angelo; at the southern end of Narragansett Bay, Dace Reinauer; and […]

Random Tugs 167

Given the history and range of projects of Elsbeth II, you might imagine how thrilled I was to see her for the first time yesterday.  And she has to be among a small set of working vessels based in North America with brightwork!  She truly fits under the category exotic.   I saw this tugboat […]

20 Barges

and so much more!  Never have I seen so many barges in such close proximity one to another.  What if you woke up and saw this from your bunk? I’d thought to call this a whatzit post, but   the prime mover is a tug I’d long hoped to see . . . Elsbeth II, […]