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Road Fotos 2021 F 2

We’re a week out from Christmas Eve and fewer days than that from the solstice, it’s time to complete road photos from two weeks ago already;  here was part 1.  The French Quarter of New Orleans has a lot of colored neon all year round, but here, juxtaposed with tropical colors of house paint, are […]

Road Fotos 2021 F 1

For some context, Road Fotos 2021 E left off in September here, and I’ve not caught up with road fotos for November.  But let’s jump ahead to December, and a trip we could start in New Iberia, about 150 miles west of New Orleans.  It was a reconnoitre, a gallivant to investigate what to spend […]

Road Fotos 48

Road trips sometimes include portions on water.  That’s the way this post begins.  First, let’s boat up the Saguenay.  On the north side, we pass Hotel Tadoussac and to its right, the 1747 chapel, Canada’s oldest wooden church. Around the point is the Tadoussac ferry rack.  I could do more boat posts from this trip…. […]

Road Fotos 47

These days, seeing a spout could mark this as Lower NY Bay portion of the sixth boro, but in fact, I’m pretty far afield, and that’s what roads are for whether they be terrestrial or watery.  The land in the distance here are the right bank of the Saint Lawrence, and those whales are likely […]

Road Fotos 46

I heard it long before it emerged from the morning fog at Saint-Siméon.  I was on the north shore waiting t catch the boat to the south, Rivière-du-Loup. Canadians must have a surplus of !!! available for their signage, but seeing this made me walk away from the immediate area. Some of you can likely […]

Road Fotos 45

When you’re on the road, I know you miss some things entirely.  Other things, you catch parts of.  If you have time and imagination, you sometimes figure out how to see more. Like this scene over the trees, A half mile walk showed this, an 1836 windmill with cloth on the blades to help it […]

Road Fotos 44

The 11% grade, per road signs, leads to a strawberry vendor if you make the left and a ferry dock if you follow all the way down to the Saint Lawrence.  See the two ferries in the distance?  Click here for a view from roughly the same location in March two years ago. Ferry Joseph […]

Road Fotos 43

The photo below I took almost two years ago . . . the mouth of the Richelieu.  Enter here and you’ll get to Lake Champlain, and of course anywhere in the contiguous watery world. But the rest of the photos here I took along the right bank of the St Lawrence, driving northeast between the […]

Road Fotos 42

Quick post . . . or as they say up here, post rapide! And rapide would NOT be the adjective to use for traffic flow in this area, since a traceable truckable tug needed to be launched for work along the Richelieu River.  The sign I like is “circulation fluide” as that means no delays. Another […]

Road Fotos 41

So I headed north and got a pilot . . . and eventually I found myself here . . .  just following the pilot, mind you. And what else would they call a vessel traveling on the big river north of here . . .? This mural has appeared on this blog once before here, […]