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Carnavalons 3

This is the grande finale, although you’ll notice I didn’t know when the finalization would  . . . finalize.  Spotters on the bow of the safety boat watch the canoeists through the snow squalls. And at 31 minutes after the start, the first boat  (Archibald micro brasserie) returning from the Lévis side comes into view, […]

12 Riverbank Landmarks

Framed by the new towers at Hudson Yards, this is NYC of an era, but still visible today, and the best vantage point is, of course, the water.  The Empire State Building and the New Yorker Hotel were completed within a year of each other.  One of these days I need to make time to […]

Fog 17

Carl Sandburg said:  “The fog comes  . ..  on little cat feet. It sits looking  . . . over harbor and city . . . on silent haunches And then moves on.”   My unrehearsed version is :  “The old cat once . .  . patrolled the wharf Now it sits over the sunlight . . . and sheds […]

Day 1 Slater

Call this  hull up for action.  Slater is back in the sixth boro for the first time in 17 years.  Anyone have photos of her in New York waters from 1994 until 1997? Here’s the platform where a vessel who served two nations will get “hull work” for the next nine weeks or so. Compare […]


You’ve seen the boxcars with graffitti all over them like kudzu.  Same thing with urban box trucks and walls or any flat surface, along riverbanks (like fotos 3 and 4 here) and inland.  Graffitti-less, ships and boats wear their unique scuff marks and squiggles, but recently  Miriam Moran has this ochre splotches all along her […]

People on the Boro 9

Spring brings farmers and random green-thumbers to the fields, players to the parks and playgrounds, other folks to their gardens and yards, dancers to the streets, old and new vessels to splash into the water, landsmen and fraus to the pierheads, and fishermen and fotograffers for pleasant escapades along the riverbanks.  Boat crews spend more […]