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Relief Crew 12

You saw a different foto of this vessel a few days ago here.  Besides being a veteran of both World Wars and serving a navy of  restaurant diners, she fished.  Dave Williams writes about menhaden boats such as as this:  The Delaware “restaurant boat”  is identical to the first boat I served on–Elmo, a menhaden boat.  […]

Relief Crew 10

Being on inland roads for now and rendered somewhat blank-in-the-head, I’m happy to finally use these relief crew fotos.  Call this a ship-tease or port-tease post.  Look them over closely and guess the location.  Answer and stories at the end of the post.  A sub and a trawler headed for sea . . . sounds […]

Relief Crew 9

Veery quick post while I recuperate from doing what I do to pay the rent, lights, orange juice habit.  Thanks to Allen Baker, identify the year in the foto below.  The place . . . unless I’m way off is the Moran Yard on the KVK.  What year is this? Historically I’ve called these “relief […]

Relief Crew 8

Post written by Tom Briggs, shown above, edited by Will Van Dorp.  Foto above by NMCB 3 Public Affairs. When [Will] asked that I write something for the blog, I initially thought to discuss my recent trip to the upper reaches of the Euphrates River valley. But what I had seen disappointed the sailor in […]

QV Relief Crew

Here’s QV. Guess the location.   Here QV heads into the sunset, blending in as a silhouette between the lighthouse and the island. So, the clue: it’s QV headed into the sunset. Where is the lighthouse? Was it only two and a half weeks ago she left the sixth boro. Check the webcam to learn […]

Relief Crew 7

Fjorder, a yachtsperson on the sixth boro who came close enough in the ferry contest to get an invite to post the next puzzler, came up with this obscure one: name the harbor/wateryburb below. Some clues: that’s a sea otter in mid-foto and this harbor is frequently dredged, visited by sea lions, and near a […]

Relief Crew 6

sort of. Relief crew posts have mystery ships to identify. Type the term relief crew into the search box to see posts 1–5.  Anyhow, where is this ferry below? Name the mystery location, and I’ll put up a spectacular shot by the same photographer. Suppose the kayaker thinks he’s the talent here?   Staten Island […]

Relief Crew 6

Credit and thanks to Peter Mello for this mystery contest; check out his great site. . . . so this guy walks into a bar and says he’s just back from lassoing polar bears that he sells to the Bronx Zoo. (Oh, and I have to own up that I’m myself lost in a time […]

Relief Crew 5

Wow! Some time has elapsed since Richard “reliefed” with this one in May. So the idea is to use readers’ fotos, credited of course, and make a contest of it. If you see something, help me blog about it.  Thanks to Ron for submitting this image.   So the contest here is . . . […]

Relief Crew 4

Thanks to Richard who periodically sends along great fotos, these come from his friend Jim. In the fluid (yes, pun intended) environment of blogging, I’ll call this a relief crew post even though it presents no challenge, no puzzle to solve.   SISL seems to be an interesting small company exporting only to Bermuda, a […]