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Waterbloggers 3

When January has ended and winter still holds us in its icy grip, some folks around the sixth boro get together and engage in group therapy to exorcise the  demons of  cold and isolation.  Here and here are previous sessions. Here’s a group shot of those seeking solace from the debilitation of February fevers and […]

Gazela in Atlantic Basin

Can you guess the connection between the three fotos that follow?    Gazela –540 hp, the oldest wooden square-rigger sailing in the United States, built in Portugal in 1901 (?) to fish cod, and Philadelphia’s tall ship. Paul T. Moran, 7200 hp and built in 1975 and “pirate Calico Jack, who, unbeknownst to his crew, […]

Winds of December

Fundraiser TONIGHT Dec 1, 2010 for the tug Pegasus!!  It’s unfortunate that I have to work elsewhere tonight. A short post today . . .  it’s December and just to call it windy out is an understatement along the lines of saying that in winter the sixth boro is less hot than in June, that sex […]

Mary Whalen BlueBQ

BlueBQ?  Why blue? “Blue moon?” I wondered.   “Blue eyes, blueberries, or blue chips . . . ?” No, it’s blue space, the “watery parts” needing consideration in urban planning . . . like green space . . . only aquaeous. The sixth boro is blue space. BlueBQ:  It’s PortSide NewYork’s fundraiser held on July […]

Atlantic Basin 1

(Back in New York)  You’ve seen this before here.  No, it’s not named for a boat competition, as someone suggested to me yesterday.  The paint is spiffied up, but imagine my surprise and delight when Cape Race glided into Atlantic Basin yesterday under her own power, accompanied by music from her own Cat 3512. Ah […]

Really Random Tugs

Thanks to Amy Bucciferro for the first two fotos here taken in San Francisco in early May.  From left to right here, Japanese training barque Kaiwo Maru II, unidentified AmNav tugs, and SFFD fireboat Guardian.  The AmNav tugs are either  Independence (farther) and Patricia Ann (nearer). Below is 1914 tug Eppleton Hall, seaworthy enough in […]

Atlantic Basin 2

home of the two Marys.  The farther Mary comes and goes, but the nearer one–Mary A. Whalen, hub of the Basin–will serve as locus for (literally) tons of visiting historical vessels (See Atlantic Basin 1)  this summer as well as intangible amounts of fun.  See the full calendar of music, movies, lectures, and visiting vessels […]

Sixth Boro Spectrum

What Bonnie does here for Flatbush, I’ll attempt within the sixth boro, starting here with the venerable Mary Whalen and King Dorian (glad that’s not “durian“) before shifting to shorter wavelength in Jo Selje and Panagia Lady, here lightering onto (I think) JoAnne Reinauer III. Continuing across the spectrum with Stolt Vanguard and sibling Perseverence.  Then […]

Stone Trade

Unrelated to this post, but take 2.5 minutes and enjoy this audio slideshow for an article in the 4/19 New Yorker magazine, a story of a family towing life written by Burkhard Bilger. For an earlier post on the stone trade almost three years ago, click here.  All today’s fotos come from Jed.  Trident (ex-Delta Trident, […]

Clearwater Rebuild

All fotos and information here comes from John Sperr, last referred to here in relation to ice yacht Galatea, as its pilot. Today’s post comes from the same area of the Hudson where iceboating was happening a mere two months ago.  Ice has now given  way to the fine color heralding leaves.  Clearwater has wintered […]