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Bowsprite’s People Movers 3 and MUCH More

Click here for the index to this series.  The elusive Bowsprite’s work is not elusive here. MV Alice Austen‘s namesake was a pioneer photographer from Staten Island. The other ferry of the Austen class was named for another famous Staten Island artist here. Rich Taylor, who has sent along other photos including this one, which I […]

Bowsprite’s People Movers and More 2

I never thought there’d be a series starting here . ..  but she did take most of the photos below, so here goes . . . Quantum of the Seas  (hereinafter just Q) heading from Bayonne for sea but NOT before doing a doughnut in front of  . . . Lower Manhattan. Seeing Q turn in […]

People Movers 4 and More

Spirit of America . . . operates as an icon among icons. I need to force myself to look hard to see the obvious differences between Spirit and S. I. Newhouse, and others. Recently, though, Spirit has intruded into my photos more than any other one of the ferries. Molinari . . . John F. Kennedy […]

People Movers 3

Behold ex-LST-510, USS Buncombe County, preparing for a routine landing over in Connecticut. Bowsprite drew it, so it drew me . . . I had to go see again, even though some years ago I’d ridden her.  If you look at her peers launched at JeffBoat in  late 1943 and early 1944, you’ll agree she’s […]

Bowsprite’s People Movers and More

Care for a shot of Melville?  ““Take almost any path you please, and ten to one it carries you down in a dale, and leaves you there by a pool in the stream. There is magic in it. Let the most absent-minded of men be plunged in his deepest reveries–stand that man on his legs, […]

People Movers 2

Here was the first in this series, from quite a while back.   The next two photos below were taken late last week by Brian DeForest. Miss New York, Blount built in 1993 leaves the Statue quite dramatically. Ferry Lt. Samuel S. Coursen, Mathis built 1956, was named for this West Point grad. That’s Explorer […]

People Movers

I dedicate this post to Mage, who notices when I neglect the cruise ships that make up part of harbor traffic.  All the following fotos were taken Friday and Saturday, September 3 from Pegasus and Lehigh Valley 79 between Red Hook to Cold Spring, about 50 miles upriver from the Battery (aka southernmost tip of […]

People on the Boro 19

For context, let’s look back here. And last year among some of the great photos shared by Harry Thompson, here (scroll) was a crowded harbor photo I really liked. Last Saturday saw threatening weather; even so, lots of small boats and crowds braved the possibility of rain to see the races. Vigilance prevailed and I heard […]

Sixth Boro Movers

. . . I haven’t figured out what the shakers are yet.  But of course, people are the primary movers, even for movers of people like Martha’s Vineyard Express. There are silt movers like Stuyvesant. And of course all manner of movers of fluids to be respected like Loya and Red Hook and Orange Blossom. […]

Other Peoples Fotos 29

All these photos come from bowsprite, who is known to scale the cliffs and trees of lower Manhattan to photograph and sketch the ships go by.  From auspicious time to time, she shares her photos with me, as she did recently. Northbound . . . Stad Amsterdam in formation with a sludge tanker. This past Sunday […]