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aka Naismith gear.  And where is this industrial setting? At, in, or  on  Stolt Invention.  And what is Stolt Invention, you might wonder? She’s a parcel tanker and midday today she left the sixth boro bound for sea, bound for some scrimmage somewhere in mid-ocean somewhere.  Yes, that’s Siberian Sea (1980, ex-Heidi E. Roehrig, Matthew, […]


Socrates left the harbor under a golden sunset pulling an empty Sugar Express;  they headed south from the Yonkers plant (to where?) for a refill.  Who can live the sweet life without the stuff?  From Florida, as the reader suggests? Stolt Perseverence, a parcel tanker built in Croatia in 2001, delivers assorted chemicals, escorted by […]

Coexistence 4

Where I’m steering  here most corresponds to the second post in this series, Coexistence 2.  On an ideal day, all traffic gets along, sorts itself out.  Big steel and small steel keep clear of one another, again and again, no matter what the direction or cargo or time of hitch or commercial alliance or lack […]

Parcel Tanker

I learned a new term today . . . parcel tanker.  According to Poten & Partners, it’s a  “ship fitted to segregate a large number of products.Some …, called chemical carriers, can handle more than a dozen materials simultaneously.Most of these ships have tanks made of stainless steel or lined with inert, easily cleaned coatings.This equipment […]