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Random Tugs 179

Katanni and Sawyer I, these photos I took in September along the Saint Lawrence. I took the next photos in October.  Evans McKeil was built in Panama in 1936!   The cement barge she’s paired with–Metis— was built as a ship in 1956 and converted to a barge in 1991. Wilf Seymour was built in […]

Random Tugs 151

The first photos here comes from John Jedrlinic, who took the one immediately below in Norfolk in August.  So far as I know, Julie Anne has not yet seen the sixth boro. I’m also not sure A. J. McAllister has seen the sixth boro.  Believe it or not, A. J. dates from 2003, built in Panama […]

Post Post-Panamax Plus 2

Yesterday’s post showed a larger than average container vessel in the sixth boro, CMA CGM Pacific Link.  That post prompted Allen Baker to send along photos he took last month in San Francisco. Pacific Link‘s teu capacity was just over 8000;  CMA CGM Margrit‘s teu capacity is 13,102. CMA CGM Margrit used to be MSC Margrit. […]

Post Post-Panamax Plus

Seven and a half years ago I posted on APL President Truman and  even longer ago tugster did this on Bellavia. Enjoy a few more pics of President Truman before learning its fate.  The photo below was taken in September 2007. March 2009. June 2009.  Dimensions on President Truman are 902′ x 129.’  As such, […]

Colombian Tugs

Two years ago, I wrote about Columbian tugs here, and alluded to reading of some new ones in Colombia here.   Here and here –one more here–are some others from the great river in the Northwest.   Thanks to the Maraki crew, here is some activity from along the northwest corner of South America.  Click […]

Really Random Tugs 24

Here was 23.  In today’s post, there are boats from the just north of South America, at the south edge of the Chesapeake, and in the busiest part of the KVK.   Mero is from 2008, Captain Willie Landers from 2001, Chesapeake Coast 2012, Eric McAllister 2014, B. Franklin Reinauer 2012, and Marjorie B. McAllister . […]

Tugster Retrospective 2012

My library for the time period  January 1, 2012 until today contains 11,244 fotos.  Starting from tomorrow, any 2012 fotos will be taken along the road.  So I decided to choose ONE foto per month, quite subjectively and without regard for this foto having previously been featured here.  I don’t claim these are the best […]

Random Tugs 97

B. Franklin Reinauer made its inaugural visit to the sixth boro this week.  Birk Thomas caught this shot.  I featured it last month at splash here. The same day, Capt. Jason (1982) breezed through the harbor, a first glimpse for me.  I have not much more info. Gulf Dawn appeared here. And regulars include Catherine […]

Random Tugs 92

Note: If you’re new to this blog and wondering what resources provide “pedigree” of these vessels, a fantastic reference work in progress is       Start out by clicking the letter of the company name to find the fleets, present and past. This is what a “Kirbyfied” Barbara C looks like today.   Scroll […]

Random Tugs 91

Whatzit?? It’s the shadow of the gangway as Laura K. sidles in for contact on the vessel with the illustrious name . . . Great Eastern, practically panamax 150 years ago. And Buchanan 12 sports some new color design.    Lots of paint seems to be getting applied in the sixth boro this spring. I’m […]