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Panama Details 2

The hat here is not misplaced.  On the job here a pilot guiding Histria Coral through the Canal.    She’s less than half an hour ahead of Cap Palmerston in the adjacent chamber. Canal employees (v. vessel crew) can be identified here by their blue uniforms. Histria Coral is a six-year-old vessel, built in Romania. […]

Panama Details 1

One type of post that has evolved here is Whatzit?   Know what this juxtaposition of hardware and jungle might be? This might help . . . well-maintained metals and uncontrolled jungle coinciding in this case is two ships side-by-side nearing their transit of the Canal from north to south. I have no more understanding […]

After Panama

Can you identify this general area?    I just arrived here, but all last night I was dreaming about the Canal.  Should medical attention be sought? Some quick final shots:  Fortunato. Stellanova here and at the lighthouse below Miraflores. Atlantico, American Patriot,  Buzzard Bay escorted by Panama XIV,  and with this type of cargo . […]

A Day on the Bay 2

<<Only 17 hours left as of now to bid the PortSide fundraiser…. catered dinner with Bowsprite and Tugster.  Bid now here.>> More on what defeated the “gloomy Junie” bugs in my head  . . . . and I know the fotos lack winter-sharp clarity, but if I attempted to shoot these today, quality would be […]


A few words on process: I get myself on or near the water and fotograf what passes by. That’s what happened last Thursday morning on my detour as I headed for work. So, I “caught” the McAllisters, Captain Log (the little tanker on the left) and this APL container ship. After APL docked, I took […]

Other Peoples Photos 95

Credit for all here goes to Sea Bart aka Zee Bart, which means the same thing.  He writes:  “When we moored in the Lekhaven in Rotterdam in August 2021 I saw a seemingly abandoned tugboat moored called Dynami, had some list, no lights on,  etc. etc.    During the following weeks we noticed more and more […]

General Guisan in the Smoke

Quick post today since I just got back at a computer after seeing the General in through the sea smoke. The sun didn’t rise until 0731, so the timing worked for a tangerine sky.  Are you familiar with General Guisan?  I was not.     The bulk carrier came in from Chile–so likely carrying road […]

CS Canal Leg 1: Waterloo to Seneca Falls

Since I’m again on a gallivant-away from home, outside, and looking for scenes and boats and trucks to photograph-the next four days will be posts of this one-day trip.  Below is my ride that day.   It was an 8-hour ride the length of the Cayuga/Seneca Canal and then about 25 miles of the Erie […]

Retro Sixth Boro 38 B

In case you’re new to this blog,”retro” means I’m looking back to my photo archives exactly 10 years to June 2011.  The “38” here means this is the thirty-eighth month I’ve done this.  It’s a fresh look at June 2011 photos, in some cases informed by whatever the past 10 years has wrought. Bridge Builder […]

Thalassa Pistis

Is this a miniature replica of a tugboat posed beside a green wall? Not really.  But besides ULCVs like Thalassa Pistis (sea of faith?), even 100′ x 40′ tugboats seem to shrink.   Enlarge this photo and you’ll see the folks here heading out to fish implausibly turn their backs to the huge ship not […]