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Pairs in Springtime 6

Here were 1 and  2.  Atlantic Salvor out front and Sarah Ann as steer boat make a working pair moving dredging spoils out for dumping at sea. Here Salvor communes with itself in glassy morning KVK water. Kristy Ann collaborates with Laurie Ann Reinauer to get RTC85 off the dock at IMTT Bayonne. A pair of deckhands […]

Pairs in Springtime 5

 . . . or triplets.  How much can you identify about these three eastbound units?  Doubleclick enlarges fotos.Margaret Moran squares off with the bright orange Michele Jean, semi-concealed Atlantic Salvor and Miss Gill, Mary Gellatly and Colorado-registered Crow’s Nest, Blue Curaçao Citrus and Miller Girls, near-twin Vane Brothers boats, several pairs, very roughly speaking, near […]

Pairs in Springtime 4

No . . . I’m not misspelling the name of that French city that enthralls all those singers like . . .  PaperMoon.  I mean sixth boro  “p-a-i-r-s,” which that French city just re-enacts, right?  Pairs here like Siberian Sea and Stolt Invention, this latter featured in yesterday’s Hoops post;  or small fishing boat and […]

Pairs in Winter 4

Here was Pairs 3, a series I decided to revive when I saw this rough if felicitous pairing of hormone-intoxicated geese one springy morning last weekend. A pair of eagles atop two Dalzell boats.  More Dalzell boats can be found in video #8 here, thanks to Bellboatbob. A pair of Moran tugs  (James Turecamo and […]

Pairs in Springtime 3

New twin house arrangement with complex logo on forward/back stacks? Nah!  Just Patapsco assisting Peter F. Gallatly with turn to port while backing off the dock.  Note the twin circlers in the sky with one witness. Peter (94′ x 34′ x 14′ and 4200 hp)  was launched three years after Patapsco (96′ x 34′ x […]

Pairs in Winter 3

It’s no surprise that the last time I used this title happened also in the spring.  Morning sun . . . and Gramma Lee T gets paired with her own shadow. Later, Laura K passes Gramma Lee T.  Laura K escorts in NYK Nebula whereas Gramma Lee T stands by Torm Venture, which casts its […]

Pairs in Springtime 2

It felt like spring this past week along the Arthur Kill, where Sarah and Shannon Dann gathered, maybe their crews spoke of fleetmate Allie B now approaching Gibraltar.  But the the boats, what secrets might they have shared? Responder was light and downbound;  Rowan M in pushgear upbound.  When they met, I heard a hailer […]

Random Pairs

I think of the phrase “ships passing in the night.”  Random encounters also happen at dawn  (like Donald C and McAllister Brothers), December afternoons (like Maryland and Evening Mist), or mid morning ( like Aegean Sea and Laura K Moran), and every hour in between.  Sometimes they prompt a spin for second glance, sometimes they […]

Pairs in Springtime

escorts… like bridesmaids, Xena’s Gabrielle, doulas everywhere   People wellwishing to starboard and vessel companioning to port. Blessings of the Quyak folk…   Big G motorfolk …   and slower paced schoonerfolk who if allowed would go all the way, all 1000 days too, but for now content themselves blogging ‘n documentary griots   Anne […]

Pairs in Winter 2

Ok… I’ll admit it: I’m spending too much time indoors looking at photos from last summer. Winter without snow is getting to me. Alice has abandoned us for the Gulf. Any idea when she’ll be back through here? I miss being on the Hackensack and seeing the egrets feed in the tidal flats over by […]