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Being in the low countries, I thought I’d ask around if meow man–certainly a sixth boro staple– had ever made an appearance.  And I thought I’d ask in places where I stood a chance to get a response.  Like Lelystad, a city of over 75,000 people at 10 feet below sea level.  My “Hey there. […]

Inside Out

Given the hold shots from Wavertree in yesterday’s post, can you guess the vessels?  Answers at the end of this post. While under construction . . . looking aft. During dormancy and along the port side looking aft? During restoration and looking aft . . . . During rejuvenation and looking forward . . . […]

More Sixth Boro Fifth Dimension c

Up, up, and in.  All new builds follow the same arc, even though the details differ.  Check out the splash of Onrust here over a half decade back.  Here’s how the water came up to meet Pegasus back five years ago. To finish the dory, there’s a trip through the Kills and across Raritan Bay […]

Canal Barges

This photo was taken in late spring 2009.  Onrust had been splashed just a day or two before, as recorded in post 1 here and then 2 here.   But look over to the right side of the photo, the two bollards on squarish platforms in the water. These.  Well, at summer pool . . […]

Canal Corp Boats 12

Enjoy more blue and gold boats today, and these are called SPS’s . . . as in self-propelled scows.  Generally they have a house at stern and lifting capability forward, as you can see on SPS 52.  The inclusion of these details is where the similarity among these vessels ends . . . as you […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2013 d

Here’s a collage of images as my last roundup 2013 post: a half dozen working tugboats and a covered barge as seen looking east from the Second Street Bridge, a float plane that might have imagined this to be a different type of gathering, a swimmer in the water either doing a northern style Richard […]

Saving Marion M and Others

Is Marion M (Greenport, NY 1932) on her own power projecting that potentially gorgeous deck before her?  Might she be? I’ll be straightforward for once:  Marion M has been moved away from South Street because the museum needs space.  She is for sale. You/your organization can get information on purchasing her by contacting Captain Jonathan Boulware, Waterfront Director, South […]

Short Black Ships

A week ago, I posted this foto (last one scrolling through) and asked where it was taken.   Answer is Brazil.  And the relationship to this foto is what?  Buchanan 12 was built 1972 in Louisiana, but the black ship in the foreground handmade with woods such as olanje, jaquera, pau oleo . . . […]

Jets Along the Mohawk

When I was in high school upstate, I had to read this novel about drums . .  and history. Now imagine this interior monologue . . . our speaker doesn’t read much . . . he works and then goes to the river to fish with his best friend the bottle . . . a […]

Clearwater Rebuild

All fotos and information here comes from John Sperr, last referred to here in relation to ice yacht Galatea, as its pilot. Today’s post comes from the same area of the Hudson where iceboating was happening a mere two months ago.  Ice has now given  way to the fine color heralding leaves.  Clearwater has wintered […]