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New Hulls, New Names

ACV Enviro provides boom service at IMTT;  this means they use a small boat to deploy and retrieve oil containment precautionary booms around vessels  transferring petroleum products there.  Here and here are examples appearing here previously. I don’t know how long booming has been required– years, I suppose;  it’s not new. Miss Beth, however, is […]

Old Hulls, Old and New Names

Not quite half a year ago, I used a variation on this title, but photos I took yesterday necessitate a modification as you see above.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this nameplate on the most famous–and only–wooden hulled tugboat in the sixth boro. I’d noticed before on AIS that there was USCG vessel in […]

Old Hulls, Old and New Names 2

I can’t say if more than unusual number of changes are in fact happening these days, or if my radars are set to detect change.  In either case, I privilege novelty on this blog, so here we go, the first of the series. April 2016 this was Ellen S. Bouchard alongside Bouchard Boys. Also in […]

Names 43

It’s coming ’round the bend, with a name like this, you know I’ve been saving it. All the horses in the harbor can’t hold it back . . . All photos and sentiments by WVD, who’s still wearing his Covid-19 ankle bracelet.  And for what it’s worth, Hope has left us . . . and […]

Names 42

Today’s post will have low verbal density, but I could not pass up noting the arrival of a vessel named Captain Haddock, especially since it’s a bulk carrier with a salt cargo, not a fishing boat. This is just a hint; it is a container vessel but with many refrigerated plug ins, it might just […]

Names 41

Port Shanghai just happens these days to be in a berth on Staten Island discharging salt from Chile. I know what this says, but I can’t claim to read it until I study Greek. Thor Integrity I CAN read, but until I know Thai, I can’t vouch for “Thor Integrity” being a translation. Chinese is […]

Names 40

Maybe a reader of Chinese can translate this…. or place name, contemporary or historical? If I read this right, this 2013 vessel has had eight names in seven years, some very similar to Fu Quan Shan! She’s left Norfolk by now. All photos by Will Van Dorp, whose previous names posts can seen here. Cosco […]

Names 39

But then there’s the NYC Ferry opened service just over two years ago.  Here’s my post on Day 1, when I rode the ferry from Wall Street to Rockaway and back.  Somehow I’d missed news about the source of  names like Ocean Queen RockStar and Rainbow Cruise.  Other names include Urban Journey, Friendship Express, Lunch […]

Names 38

Uh . . . Other than that the name of the vessel below seems entirely Thai, I don’t know what to say. Want a list of Stolt tankers?  Click here. Sypress, I believe, is the Norwegian name for the conifer tree spelled differently in English.  For all the ones already posted in tugster, click here. […]

Names 37

Quick  . ..  name the ship name the ONE vessel  . . . The first three photos were taken Sunday by Bjoern of the New York Media Boat. And if you know the tugs in the sixth boro you have a 75% chance of naming all tugs here too . . .   three of […]