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More Cargoes 17

Palabora . . . she’s got LEGS!!!  Italian legs.  … Lei ha le gambe!   gambe that will stand astride that harbor and be noticed, cartwheeling on the shore as traffic goes in and out of the Kills, and the legs of Bartholdi’s lady will be forever modestly covered.  So why are they made in Pescara on […]

More Cargoes 16

Here was 15. Cargoes of all sorts move through the harbor.  One that has always surprised me is this ore from the Congo in the first half of the 20th century. Here’s a vessel–certainly empty as it was towed to drydock in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard earlier this week.  I missed it but John […]

More Cargoes 15

Freja Pegasus, Turecamo Girls, and Arctic Bay . . . the previous cargo post begs this one, so I spent three hours looking around the sixth boro yesterday.  If you click on the link embedded in each large vessel name, you’ll get a sense of their range by reading the section “port history.”   What’s NOT […]

More Cargoes 14

Here’s #13 if you want to look back.  So, my first thought …  another Maersk container vessel.  But it’s an American-flagged Maersk vessel, ex-Greenwich Maersk, reflagged as one ship (of a total of 47) enrolled in the Maritime Security Program.  Given that, what cargo do you suppose it might carry? The color atop the reddish […]

More Cargoes 13

Petroleum products make up a large percentage of barge cargoes in the sixth boro, but other loads exist, like supplies/services here pushed by Shawn Miller bottom sculpting remnants (how’s that for a euphemism?)  moved elsewhere  as towed here by Atlantic Coast, a four-wheeler moved by this unidentified “be-spudded vessel,”   (Anyone identify it?) paper for […]

More Cargoes 12

Cargoes past featured–besides plain colored containers–trucks, and boats like this. Anyone know the cargo of a rowboat called Liv?  Unrelated to the sixth boro, but the answer follows at end of post.   Some of these traveled to sea yesterday on President Polk.  Military colors?  Some engines or generators traveled a little farther back. No . . […]

More Cargoes 11

Boats on ships . .  that’s what tenders are, and tenders or lifeboats don’t beg for much attention until an emergency.   Last spring when I foto’d a cigarette boat high atop a container ship, I experienced a major appetite whetting.  Since then, I’m always scanning among the containers for something different, not rectangular. By the […]

More Cargoes 10

A few years back the technician at the doctor’s office where I’d had the tests for my Z-card told me the urine test results would be processed by the next morning in a government-sanctioned lab in the midwest.  I had to ask.  “Oh, Fedex,” she replied.  Since then, I can’t see a Fedex air freighter […]

More Cargoes 9

One of my most popular posts ever was More Cargoes 7.  Since then, I scan the rows of containers looking for anything unique.  Tuesday in less than an hour, I scored on both vessels I saw. Liftaloft units headed somewhere . . . with or without tarps a memorable ride lifting and dropping with ocean […]

More Cargoes 8

Such excitement I felt today when email came with these fotos by Shuli Hallack as attachments. At her site, she has a series on cargoes, which you can see on exhibit in Manhattan at Moti Hasson Gallery through June 29, so go soon. At the gallery the prints are poster size. To do some of […]