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Mermaid Parade 2017 a

Here’s the most explicit explanation ever on this blog about Coney Island–part of Brooklyn–and the parade that’s happened there each summer solstice since   . . . time immemorial almost.  Today’s Daily News used adjectives like dreary, gloomy, and unruly to describe the day . . . .  Unruly? . . . we’ve been an […]

What Xena Augurs

aka Names 34 What?? Xena, Lady Tara, one of exactly three barges squired in by Foxy3, Denise A. Bouchard,  Silver Cindy, Elbabe . . . El Babe? . .. with Bruce A. minding to port, Turecamo Girls, and I’ll bet more than just one British Sailor or sailor of any of the seafaring nationalities . . […]

Chugster 4

In case you’re wondering if this blog has gone adrift . . . I’ll just plead solstice-ogling syndrome.  Why stay on course when a grape popsicle 1949 Mercury oozes by like this, and it’s tickling your tastebuds and it’s for sale, although I did not ask any particulars. Only at the mermaid parade could you […]

Annual Solstice Mermaid Migration 2016a

Soon after this shot, the queen of hearts and troupe danced for the judges with this on a loud sound box.  That makes for a good day, even though I can’t remember Alice, a rabbit, or the dormouse.  But that’s one of the things I love about the parade . . . good music and […]

Annual Solstice Mermaid Migration 2016b

Most paraders don outlandish costumes, like this one . . . how could there be a chicken-of-the-sea named Lady Gaga. And these next two photos MIGHT puzzle you . . . since the woman in black shorts and boots seems to command a lot of attention even though she is not particularly be-costumed. Lots of attention and […]

Best of Mermaids 3

In the first installment of this series, I mentioned photographers. They/we do trip over each other trying for that perfect shot.  Imagine how many heads and elbows have intruded on my careful framings. The need to protect electronic/optical gear from rain enforces unusual costumes, quickly ditched when precipitation stops. The parade attracts automobiles as well […]

Random Tugs 165

Land mass area can be quantified in square miles, but I’d love to work with a mathematician to measure the area within NYC limits which is navigable, i.e., the sixth boro.  Of course, “navigable” would need defining too. Immeasurable, of course, is the number of photos  taken daily of vessels with the sixth boro. Like this one of Crystal […]

Solstice Mermaid Migration 2015

Deer do it.  So do . . . whales, dragonflies, eels, and more .  But the annual mermaid migration, I find,  is as magical to me as it is to the young girl watching for the first time, taking photos, and one of the princesses of the sea came over and blew some sparkles all […]

Tugboat Race 2015 in

. . . the Detroit River, an international race.  See my post here from four years ago for this quite eclectic set of boats. Sheila Kaye and Josephine, J. M. Westcott II, R & R, Jessie T, and more. I wonder if there’s ever a chance of getting a higher horsepower class to arrive some year as […]

Cold Mardi Gras

For the misfortune of all us 25 million sixth boro shore dwellers, it’s cool like below.  Here’s what the the river banks like look for us when Mardi Gras gets scheduled. Tugs and buoys carry glaze like this or this . . . . Even local wrecks (that’s two side by side there) have a glaze that mimics the gleaming white paint […]