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Dirty Pictures: Mermaid Parade 2010

In recent years, the villains have included developers and politicians.  Let’s see if you can guess who got pilloried in 2010.  I give no clues, although I will show dirty pictures. Eeeew!  Sullied skin and scales;  sticky besmirching gunk! A polluted sea on the sidewalk, such beauty begrimed, a beached fowl befilthed by a fouling […]

Mermaid Parade 2010

Coney Island has such a distinct culture that the sixth boro (the watery parts between the five terra-boros) should just annex it. Very introductory but fascinating  history of Coney’s evolution can be had in these short articles by Lisa Iannucci, Jeffrey Stanton, and Laurence Aurbach Jr. One theme of these articles is that Coney has […]

More Mermaid Parade 2009

Miraculously . . . rain stopped not long after the parade began.  A “traditional” pirate contingent marched with their  usual antique weapons, but stunning was another group calling itself “somali coast guard.”  Now that was truly a first.  And they didn’t say  . . . “arrr.”  Instead it sounded sort of like “fuloose.” Also in […]

Mermaid Parade 2009

The annual visitation of merfolk and their friends happened on cue this afternoon.  This intrepid witness scouted out the approach path (marked in orange here)  in spite of the incessant rain.  Summer begins tomorrow;  rainy season has drenched us and promoted mushroom harvest several weeks already.  An unidentified tug sallied forth to summon the assembled […]

Best of Mermaids 3

In the first installment of this series, I mentioned photographers. They/we do trip over each other trying for that perfect shot.  Imagine how many heads and elbows have intruded on my careful framings. The need to protect electronic/optical gear from rain enforces unusual costumes, quickly ditched when precipitation stops. The parade attracts automobiles as well […]

Best of Mermaids 2

The parade–rain or shine–starts with music, specifically the bass drum played by founder Dick Zigun, accompanied by whatever ensemble pulled together. But there’s so much more music.  Batala New York is among my favorites;  hear them here but turn volume way up to replicate how they sound on the street.   Gypsy Funk Squad is another […]

Best of Mermaids 1

I’m going to miss the mermaid parade this year.  And, yes,  I AM going to miss it. But you don’t have to.  Click here for info to get started on your way.   It’s free, although you can choose to pay for access to the staging area where I took some of these photos. This’ll […]

Annual Solstice Mermaid Migration 2016b

Most paraders don outlandish costumes, like this one . . . how could there be a chicken-of-the-sea named Lady Gaga. And these next two photos MIGHT puzzle you . . . since the woman in black shorts and boots seems to command a lot of attention even though she is not particularly be-costumed. Lots of attention and […]

Annual Solstice Mermaid Migration 2016a

Soon after this shot, the queen of hearts and troupe danced for the judges with this on a loud sound box.  That makes for a good day, even though I can’t remember Alice, a rabbit, or the dormouse.  But that’s one of the things I love about the parade . . . good music and […]

Solstice Mermaid Migration 2015

Deer do it.  So do . . . whales, dragonflies, eels, and more .  But the annual mermaid migration, I find,  is as magical to me as it is to the young girl watching for the first time, taking photos, and one of the princesses of the sea came over and blew some sparkles all […]