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Meanwhile . . . 8000 Miles Away 4

Above the waterline, this looks amazingly like Peking.    Identify it? These fotos come from Colin Syndercombe, who previously sent these fotos, and these, among others.   As to the sailing vessel, it’s from 1921, 385′ loa (Peking is 1911 and 377′), and still sails.    Know it?  It called in Cape Town earlier this […]

Meanwhile Upriver April 2013

Click here for an ice post from two years and two months ago, featuring the very same tug–Kimberly Poling–with a slightly different paint job.  Know this bridge? Here’s a closer up shot of the tug/barge.   Our destination is the top of the cliff on the far side.  Know the name? Here’s looking north from […]

Meanwhile . . . 8000 Miles Away 3

The Atlantic is a huge place, and this vessel is currently northbound in that expanse.  And where would that put them? Off Namibia. here leaving Cape Town last weekend.  Click here for the map, and here for the kapteines-logg, complete with pics.   See the huge blue wall along the portside of Sørlandet? It turns […]

Meanwhile in the Sixth Boro 4

Before dawn the day of the race, daily port activities carried on:  Atlantic Niyala awaited load shift in Red Hook. Celebrity Summit arrived from sea for some port time here assisted by  Kimberly Turecamo (?). Scott Turecamo awaited some rehab at Caddell’s. As passengers debarked to starboard, equipment received attention to port.  I’m not sure […]

Meanwhile . . . in the Sixth Boro n Beyond

Many thanks to Paul Strubeck for this foto of a preserved “results report” he has . . .   from a 60-year-old typewriter!  A week from today Working Harbor Committee is sponsoring a great event they call the 20th annual North River Tugboat Race, but clearly there have been more than 19 prior races involving […]

Meanwhile . . . 8000 Miles Away 2

. . . or I could say 12480 kms away.    Here was the previous one in this series.  Remember the port? Well, in this port recently was this tug named Merlot and the green vessel . . . a large canoe?  And yes, check here for tugs named chardonnay, shiraz,  and pinotage.  Nothing here […]

Meanwhile . . . 8000 Miles Away

Alwyn Vintcent has moved over the mountains from Cape Town.  Credit here goes to Villiersdorp blog, where you can find many many more fotos.  Credit also goes to some amazing farmers with a dream and then grit to make it real.  I’m just putting up three fotos of the arrival, because they move me. Here’s […]

Meanwhile at Clifton Beach

All fotos and info comes with many thanks to Colin.  This is Table Mountain, and the white pall emanating from the upper right in this foto might just be due to the pipe smoking contest between the Devil and a local pirate named Van Hunks.   Just might be.  What’s certain is that in the […]

Meanwhile in Cape Town

In May 1962 John Kennedy had a party upon turning 45, and most people remember one person who attended.  But there were other entertainers who sang too like this native New Yorker (yes, he is.) and another singer, now largely unknown, whose name appears on that blue banner center below.   If you don’t remember […]

Meanwhile in the Sixth Boro 3

Back in December, Ambrose went to the yard for a makeover, and John Watson took these shots. Today, John got these, mere minutes ago, as they tangoed Charles D. McAllister and Ambrose, chico y chica felizmente como amantes en la primavera. Big party is NEXT Monday evening.  RSVP! Many thanks, John.