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Random Tugs 110

Random, recent, and variously sourced. The closeup of Nanticoke pushing Doubleskin 57 toward the Goethals Bridge below comes compliments of Allen Baker. I took this foto of Robert E. McAllister. Marie J. Turecamo here assists Barney Turecamo, pushing the 118,000 barrel barge Georgia. Four of the Dann Marine tugs:  l to r, Emerald, Chesapeake in the distance, […]

Fog 14

Here was a similar foggy day in the sixth boro a few months back.  AIS showed me this vessel with an auspicious name, and I figured it’d just magically turn clear if I went outside to watch.  Frogma found fog more glorious than I did. Wrong!!   This is what fog looked like out there this […]

Fronts and Posts

… as in frontals and posteriors. Head-on, a ship positively looks like a sentient being, maybe because like a head, it is symmetrical:  hawses like eyes and in the case of many ships, a bow not unlike the ridge of a nose or beak.  Zim Savannah approaches and I shoot into the sun. In this […]

Coexistence 4

Where I’m steering  here most corresponds to the second post in this series, Coexistence 2.  On an ideal day, all traffic gets along, sorts itself out.  Big steel and small steel keep clear of one another, again and again, no matter what the direction or cargo or time of hitch or commercial alliance or lack […]

Whatzit 4

Credit for this foto connundrum goes to Joel Milton, whose site Towmasters has long been on my blogroll.  Same for the next two.  I notice the same fotos appear on gCaptain.  Thanks to Joel, the sun and UASC Shwaikh for lining up and channeling something!  I’m stunned. As large as the Staten Island ferry is, it […]

Two Hours on the KVK

If you’ve never sat along the KVK, you might have no idea how much traffic passes.  I left two hours early for work yesterday to allow a 120-minute savoring.  What you see here is only the big stuff.  Zim Virginia bound for sea.  Note the apparent lowering of the hook onto the house of Maria […]

Random Tugs 28

These fotos document an interval of two hours–albeit edited–along KVK last Friday.  Davis Sea westbound, Brendan Turecamo eastbound past a Bouchard and a Reinauer in the background, Taurus westbound, Falcon eastbound, Marie J. Turecamo (farther) and Turecamo Girls westbound, Megan McAllister westbound with Labrador Sea in distance. What a revitalizing way to spend a few […]

Spring Equinox

It‘s past, but that means winter’s start was a quarter year back and summer’s start is less than three months away. Oh, that’s Marie J. Turecamo above. Check out Brian’s fotos from Operation Christmas Cheer 2007 here. Photo, WVD.

Random Tugs 272

Excuse the branches and tendrils reaching out over this dense pack of tugboats:  five Bouchard boats plus a Harley behind Denise and a Genesis on the drydock. Crystal Cutler here in profile is heading for the Kills;  this photo prompts me to wonder how this wheelhouse “window” configuration has worked out. Stephen B assists Fells […]

Random Ships 13

Back in the sixth boro, I prefer sunny, calm days when colors glow and the water mirrors not perfectly but does so adding intrigue.  Who doesn’t like those conditions?  Who wouldn’t want every taking of food to qualify as a dining experience, but that is just not realistic, at least in my world. Darya Shanthi […]