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50 Shades of Spray 2

Many thanks to Pierre Kfoury for sending along this very clever photo in shades of black, white, and gray of Bruce McAllister he took up by New Hamburg, NY.  In Pierre’s photo, I like those gray shades and gray reflections too. More shades of spray take us to Emerald Coast, passing Chesapeake Coast. Sitting out […]

Whatzit 19

I know some folks refuse to spend time with Facebook.  I entered there in 2008 after figuring out it was the only way to communicate and exchange photos with some people.  Now I’ve joined 14 groups there . .  and checking in has become similar to dropping by the breakroom at a job. Saturday night […]

Solstice Post 1

First . . . around the boro, the light is beauteous enough to suspend a sense of time and obligation and stress and disappointment.  This side of the boro, though on duty, works the milder solstice. Lynx (1967, ex-Catherine Foss, Kainani) probably working with a dredging project, I’ve never seen here before. Discovery Coast glows. […]

Bulker Queen

In the sixth boro Queens come and go, shipping and schlepping all sorts of cargo. Here Miriam Moran and Kimberly Turecamo escort a Queen from Claremont Terminal to Port Newark. This Queen carries bulk, probably scrap metal, and hails from Viet Nam. As she turns into the KVK, Tai Bai Hai, a very rusty bulker from […]

Pairs in Winter 4

Here was Pairs 3, a series I decided to revive when I saw this rough if felicitous pairing of hormone-intoxicated geese one springy morning last weekend. A pair of eagles atop two Dalzell boats.  More Dalzell boats can be found in video #8 here, thanks to Bellboatbob. A pair of Moran tugs  (James Turecamo and […]


or maybe I should call this “windy saturday 2,” because as I watched the merciless wind from a shelter on the “cliff,” Kyle Stubbs felt it from the water.  All fotos today come thanks to his efforts.  Merci merci. And these first two fotos, perfectly complement (as in andouille to crawfish-boil)  Bowsprite’s recent Jumbolaya post […]

February Sleet 2

Bowsprite hears and transcribes memorable quotes from VHF chatter on the sixth boro;  I need to upgrade my radio before I get such plums.  So I’ll listen in using other sources. That’s a very lonely Bohemia among all those barges. “I prefer winter … when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the […]

Refurbishing Patty Nolan

For info on the Patty Nolan bikini contest, click the small foto below. V-Day, Chinese New Year, and Mardi Gras @!@#@!! . . . within hours of each other …  makes this a special set of days.  Here’s my 2010 Mardi Gras post, quite different from 2009’s.   The vessel below is Patty Nolan, high […]

Relief Crew 10

Being on inland roads for now and rendered somewhat blank-in-the-head, I’m happy to finally use these relief crew fotos.  Call this a ship-tease or port-tease post.  Look them over closely and guess the location.  Answer and stories at the end of the post.  A sub and a trawler headed for sea . . . sounds […]


Mary H. commands her own interest, but look beyond her to the other side of the bridge, where something immense approaches  Bergen Point.  Anyone have old pics of the now-gone Bergen Point Lighthouse? All 960+ feet of APL Egypt taxis out of Newark Bay as Rosemary stands by in case a nudge is needed to […]