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Random Ships 37

Santa Marta harbor .  .  . sees HR Recommendation arriving in port, from Houston, methinks. Ditto Thor Energy. And Baldock, here being bunkered by Intergod VII. Dole Chile is likely there to pick up tropical fruit to ship north, to our ports. Stern to stern here, Dodo with a stern bridge, and the other with a […]

Really Random Tugs 26

Thanks to the many folks contributed to this post. First, Russell Skeris sent this along of a James Turecamo in Turecamo livery.  Given all the flags, might this have been taken by an unknown photographer quite near her launch in 1969? Next, hats off to Rand Miller who caught this photo of a brilliant red […]

Colombian Tugs

Two years ago, I wrote about Columbian tugs here, and alluded to reading of some new ones in Colombia here.   Here and here –one more here–are some others from the great river in the Northwest.   Thanks to the Maraki crew, here is some activity from along the northwest corner of South America.  Click […]

Other Watersheds 14

Technically, I’ve never finished my posts on watersheds 12 and 13 . . .  the troves of photos from those places have simply been preserved by photos that followed and those stories remain to be finished . . . like most things in life. The photos here, all from Maraki . . .  , offer […]

Really Random Tugs 25

I believe I took this in summer 2005, my first view of Lincoln Sea from W. O. Decker.  Lincoln Sea is now making its way northward probably along Baja California, if not already along alta California. A few days ago and from the crew of Maraki–aka my sister and brother-in-law–it’s Salvatore in Santa Marta, Colombia. […]

Really Random Tugs 24

Here was 23.  In today’s post, there are boats from the just north of South America, at the south edge of the Chesapeake, and in the busiest part of the KVK.   Mero is from 2008, Captain Willie Landers from 2001, Chesapeake Coast 2012, Eric McAllister 2014, B. Franklin Reinauer 2012, and Marjorie B. McAllister . […]

Anteojos de Sol 2

Here were the wild colors that started this series two years ago .. . and Alice . . . always the trend setter and wanderer . . . seems headed out of the gray days in old New Amsterdam for the tropical colors of new New Amsterdam.  Notice the destination?  That’s the one in Guyana. […]

Other Peoples Photos 42

Many thanks to Ashley Hutto for this photo . . . gotta move a scow across skinny water?  Only five feet at high water?  Here you go.  Ashley took the photo in Tampa Bay. And thanks to my sister aboard Maraki . . . which departed Trinidadan waters yesterday.  It’s Island Intervention, a Vanuatu-flagged oil well stimulation […]

Other Peoples Photos 39

Photos from Italy, Florida, and Trinidad, resp. The first photo comes thanks to Rod Clingman . . .tug Lourdes C towing Costa (not Concordia)  Fasonosa.  The second photo, thaks to Ashley Hutto, shows Florida Institute of Oceanography’s Weatherbird II–said to be first research vessel to reach Deepwater Horizon post-blowout.  The photo and the rest from […]

Really Random Tugs 21

Let’s start with LT-5 at the H. Lee White Maritime Museum. Here’s The Chancellor at the NYS Canals dry dock as it was being flooded.   Here’s a recent tugster post focused on this vessel. Now the marketing name for this “tug” is a “barge pusher.”  Here’s a closer up of the engine unit and […]