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Panama Day 2.2

I had planned something different, and this foto is certainly NOT great, but . . . what it shows is River Wisdom  Qingdao, China-bound and Duncan Island Red Hook, Brooklyn, USA-bound.  They’re passing each other at sea level Pacific side just “south” of the Miraflores locks. Here was River Wisdom about a half hour earlier.  […]

Panama Day 2.1

Quick post . . . more on the 1934 Panama-built  B/E Atlas III.  My guess about the B/E is that it’s Spanish for “barco d’educación” since it’s a training vessel.  Actually, check this site for dozens of “canal zone” era fotos and newer ones. Let me focus on the Z-Tech tugs a bit.  Click here […]

Panama Day 1

Day 1 . . . and I won’t call these “road fotos” since this was the arrival . .   the Pacific side from  . . . 10,000 feet? It appears that from noon to 6 pm all traffic, like Senatore, went south to the Pacific. Those are the container cranes of port of Balboa beyond […]

North Coast News

Thanks to Ken of Michigan Exposures . . .  her starboard.  You saw her portside back in November.  Might stuff happen with the Boblo boat such that some day we might all freely see her inside and out? Unlike the case in saltwater vessels, Great Lakes ships like Herbert C. Jackson and M. V. Algolake […]


Thanks for reading my blog, whose goal is to help landfolk see my home waters — the port of New York — from the water perspective. The “sixth boro” is my invented term for the waters in and around the port. Part of my motivation is that mainstream media are “terracentric,” overlooking sixth boro news […]