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Random Ships 32

Red Hook with Alice Oldendorff in background. Lia with Stolt Effort on the far side. Hellas sisters with Left Coast Lifter in the background.  Anyone know when the gargantu-crane will move toward the TZ Bridge site? Ever Divine has seraphic lines . . . Zim Luanda follows a sinuous path through the KVK with assistance […]

Super Bull Crane

It’s referred to now as Left Coast Lifter, I Lift NY, Ichabod Crane, and others.  But I call it arrived and on a glorious if frigid morning. Touchdown!! And Lauren Foss is the clear MVP. Bravo to all the crews and people behind the crews! All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  More soon. Here and […]

2000 Miles . . . and Approaching

I don’t know how many folks were glued to this webcam yesterday, but I was not the only one.  Let me walk us around the foto, different in subtle ways than the other five in this post.   First, note the time stamp upper left:  it’s 11:16 a.m.   This was happening yesterday midmorning at […]

Miss Lis’ 56 Days

David Hindin alerted me when this voyage started on November 8 . . . departing San Francisco, sixth boro bound.  I’m very happy to share some folks fotos of Tradewinds Miss Lis‘ arrival at the Narrows this morning.   Many thanks to Peter Michael Patrick Codd, who sent the first two. Here  . . . […]


Notice a few cranes near the TZ Bridge,  as seen from MetroNorth train.  Click here for the project website including cameras. A passenger in my car took the next two. The one above and the next three were taken from a southbound boat. Here’s a link to info mostly on the existing TZ Bridge.  Here’s […]

JR 20

With the imminent (I think) arrival in the sixth boro of a large shearleg crane for the Tappan Zee project, here’s a chance to look at one of these floating cranes.  I believe the crane known as Left Coast Lifter has a lift capacity of just under 2000 tons.   This one–Pelicano 1 (ex-Kaisei) has […]

Random Ships 16

First an invitation directed at mariners in the sixth boro from Media Relations of the Port Authority of NY/NJ:    “… a public driven space focused on the rise of 1 WTC. As it becomes more and more a part of the NYC skyline, the site invites people to submit their pictures of 1 WTC […]

2000 Miles . . . and Approaching B

The tow–Lauren Foss and the crane–is captured in Gatun Lake by MS Europa‘s webcam. A few hours later, she arrives at the Gatun Locks, which will lower her to Atlantic/Caribbean levels.    Vessel nearer is ARC Endurance.  Click here to see ARC Endurance in the sixth boro a bit over a year ago. Vessel in […]