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Second Lives 12

Here was 11 about an honest Navy tug turned narco-mothership, possibly, and wondering where she now may be. I owe this post to tugboathunter, who caught not only a major typo in yesterday’s post but also presented me a key to understanding an unusual looking trawler called Nomada.  I’ll be direct . . . two, three, […]

Grouper as Iroquois

Next week I might pass through the Erie Canal town of Lyons, NY, where Grouper again appears forgotten, bereft of a future.  Last spring had brought some hope, but  . . . These fotos come from Jason LaDue, who knew her while he was growing up in the vicinity of the Soo.  Foto below by […]

Other People’s Fotos 8

In my personal life, the beginning of a calendar year seems the best time for maintenance, new starts, re-evaluations.  Today I cleared out and organized a tool closet, tossing out with gusto and energy what I hadn’t been able to . . . in “cleaning” attempts for the past few years. As I looked through […]

Other People’s Fotos 10

I like collaboration.  Number nine was a week and a half ago, but I do appreciate fotos like the ones here. Ken of Michigan Exposures took this one up in Bay City, MI, a hundred plus miles northwest of Detroit.  Any guesses on the vintage of this attractive tug . . .55′ loa x 12′ […]

Canal Corp Boats

Quick and dirty . . . since forces are pulling me every which way these days.  Between the Great Lakes, which Joe is warning me about, and the sixth boro, which I call home, is the Erie Canal.  And some classy vessels populate it, like Governor Roosevelt.   See my latest foto here.  Thanks to […]