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People Movers 14

Some cruise ships look great after having sailed for many years.  For example, Artania entered the sixth boro a few weeks ago.  She was launched as Royal Princess in 1984 in Finland, 756′ x 97′ and carried around 1200 passengers with 537 crew. The even older Stockholm still sails as well.  Rich Taylor caught it here three […]

Really Random Tugs 40

Remember the December 2016 saga involving Colleen McAllister and Katie G. McAllister?  Note the blackout painting where the stack rings once were?  Thanks to Krystal Kauffman, here’s an update from Muskegon. The photo below comes from Jake Van Reenen as they were departing Frink Park in Clayton near the 1000 Islands.  It’s a moody photo. […]

12 Salties

I’d put Orsula down as saltie, an ocean-going vessel of dimensions that allow her to travel deep freshwater inland, here a few days after the longest day of 2017 as far inland as Duluth; that’s 2000 miles from the Ocean.  In fact, here she’s headed for Europe, likely with a cargo of grain.  Last year, […]

Port of Gloucester 2

Visiting Gloucester for me is always restorative.  Here are a few more photos I took Saturday and Sunday of Artemis,  Full Moon,  and Adventure.  That’s a great sequence of names! Last fall she was sailing with some food cargo here.  And if I had an editor, that editor would be unhappy, because yesterday I suggested […]

Moving St. Lawrence Bottom

I’m back and–before catching up on my time off the internet–I need to pack the robots back into Cosmoline and close out some January 2016 dredging business . . . here’s my most recent Professional Mariner article.  And below are some additional photos of the research done in June 2015. This is what 1100 + […]

Atlantic Star Sixth Boro Arrival 3

Since it’s THE maiden voyage arrival, let’s follow her all the way to “all fast.”  Here were parts 1 and 2, which followed her from several miles out in the Ambrose Channel to the Narrows and then from there to mid-KVK. Eric works the starboard and Ellen, the port.   The turn at Bergen Point […]

Government Boats 33

I wonder what the forgiveness factor for ice-against-hull here is.  Bravest surely was pretty in our maybe soon-to-end Puerto Parcialmente Blanco. RB 45605 was the fifth in this series, which is numbered consecutively and now up to 45774. Must precautions be taken with these hulls during ice season? And finally . . . off the stern of […]

Winter Blues 2

This photo of Doris Joan Moran that has been circulating on FB this morning.  Sorry . . . I wish I knew who gets the credit for this unusual shot.  Anyhow, it reminded me of a post I did five years ago here. Here’s a Doris photo I took last week . . . uncoated. So […]

Tugboats & Locomotives 2

The imp in my head wants to mess with the title and permutate this to “tugmotives and locoboats,” and I’m guessing way back when power began to be applied to hulls, there were those who thought they were seeing “loco boats” but I digress.  First, a historical photo to set the context. Just east of local […]


Boston Navy Yard, February 1932 and launch day.  Click here to see the context. Grand River at Grand Haven, February 1907. 82 years later, the same vessel as the top one and now known as Seneca, pushes Tender #10 eastbound just east of Oneida Lake. 107 years later than the second photo above, H. J. […]