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Random Ships 8

OK, so I couldn’t get close enough fast enough, but the gray vessel evaporating into the fog at the Narrows is none other than Bob Hope aka T-AKR-300 delivered to the US Navy just over a decade ago by Avondale Industries.  I never knew this until just now, but the vessel’s namesake was born in […]

A. V. Kastner

I wrote about this ship a little over a year ago (scroll about half way through).  This time, a cold day last week,  I recognized her immediately and got closer ups.  A Saugerties lighthouse keeper recorded the same vessel passing some time back. Only a cold winter shot catches the white smudges around its bow […]

Random Cargoes

Like Alice, the vessel below is a self-unloading bulker. Barkald‘s cargo varies: anything so long as it goes bulk. If you look at the top three fotos in this shipspotting link, you’ll see it could be salt, coal, ore, gypsum, cement, I’m not sure what cargo Barkald was transferring just south of Outerbridge on the […]

High and Dry 4

or highest and dryest so far in this series. Imagine an 18-story structure appearing behind your house like these on Staten Island…   or trying to blend into winter trees.   Nearly 400 feet long, Peking, you never let me “see” your features before.   Peking–one of the “flying P liners” of F. Laeisz–could “fly” […]


First, kudos to him who goes by “Danny from Bruklin” for identifying fjorder’s scene with the sea otter as Monterrey Bay, specifically Santa Cruz harbor. Danny, you’re up . . . when you’re up for it. The next two fotos come from coyote, who submitted earlier gypsum 1 and 2 foto sets. Below . . […]

From the Line Locker 6

Time to catch up on odds ‘n ends. Thanks to Jeff S for identifying the tug run aground near Perth Amboy in January 06 as Hudson, ex-Margaret Matton, Ft Lauderdale, Evening Light, Cheyenne Rose.   Thanks to Jim for telling me of Specialist II, sibling of another Specialist and Realist, depicted here recently. (Find them […]