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Change 2

I took this foto in January 2008.  According to this site, Cosette–321′ loa, launched 1966– was seized in Martinique some time in 2010. She used to fill the niche currently occupied in the sixth boro by Grey Shark and Lygra, in the Narragansett Bay by Danalith, and who knows what vessels in any other port. […]

Sixth Boro Random Delights 5

After a low of nearly single digits a few days ago . . . today temperatures came close to 50, and I felt invited to ride across the harbor. New to me . . . landing craft Jennifer Miller. Grey Shark, loaded and waiting clearance to leave the harbor?  Here and here are previous fotos […]

What Rolls On . . .

There’s RORO, like GIGO.  And check out the red cargo in roughly the center of this foto . . .  a garbage truck on its way south.  Guess that makes this vessel a GTOGTO.  Doubleclick enlarges. Honestly, can you place “basseterre?”   It’s neither a slur nor a flood plain. This 1979 vessel, named for […]

Ghost Gallery 2

“Ghost gallery” returns to scenes from several years back with fotos I’ve not used, at least not in this version.  Take Peking‘s last move . . . the whole harbor exudes gravity on a cold mid-January afternoon as McAllister tugs Elizabeth and Responder assist in slipping her back into hibernation (a terminal coma?) beside Pier […]

Names 3

See new search feature on upper left. Type in a vessel name there to see if I’ve included it in a post already. I’ve added this in response to my own fallible memory and a recent email suggesting I do a post of a specific boat he works on, and I already had months ago. […]


or “grey” ships have been ignored on this blog, til now. I’ve done orange, yellow, blue, green, etc. Grey, though, strikes this blogger as often offensive; it is camouflage after all, haze or fog grey rather than wet mortar grey. Yesterday I saw two vessels around the harbor, frustrating since I have found little on […]