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Sail Amsterdam 2015

I first thought to call this PBB 5, following on 1, 2, 3, and 4 from last year, taken from a harbor area in “north” Amsterdam called “place beyond belief.”.  But sometimes straightforward is clearest. Check out Half Moon, gone over the Ocean and now leading a parade  . . . hanging with the likes […]

Really Random Tugs 30

Really random means just that . . . and here are previous posts in the series. So–thanks to Harry Thompson– let’s start with this assemblage . . . barge Amy B, Evelyn assist on the far side, but prominent is the 1941 Bushey built Jared S–ex-Cheyenne II, Sally Carroll, and Martin J. Kehoe. The closest I […]

Savannah Postscript

If you ever visit anywhere near Savannah, an absolute must-see is the Ships of the Sea Museum in the former William Scarbrough House, later the West Broad Street School. Given that the house and collection are stunning and the staff extraordinarily welcoming, it didn’t surprise me how crowded the museum was. Excuse the quality of my photos […]

Bowsprite’s People Movers and More

Care for a shot of Melville?  ““Take almost any path you please, and ten to one it carries you down in a dale, and leaves you there by a pool in the stream. There is magic in it. Let the most absent-minded of men be plunged in his deepest reveries–stand that man on his legs, […]

From the Line Locker 18

Here was 17, a reminder of what this series is about:  I’m avoiding the word miscellaneous. First, from Birk Thomas . . . a closer-up of another Blount this week.  Doesn’t it share some spirit of 1960 Ford blue? From bowsprit, who wanted to know why a scalloper was headed southbound along Manhattan the other […]

Stormy Aftermath 18 Months

Near the upper left corner is JFK airport and the barrier beach along the bottom is the city of Long Beach, NY. The map makes clear how much of the debris swept off the barrier beach called Long Beach  went into low lying marshes waiting to float off again at any higher tide and clutter […]

Really Random Tugs 20

Here’s a range of photos from the present to the unknowable past.  Gage Paul Thornton . . . 1944 equipment working well in adverse 2014 conditions.   Photo by Bjoern Kils of New York Media Boat. In 2007, McAllister Responder (1967) moved Peking (1911) across the sixth boro for hull inspection.  Photo by Elizabeth Wood. […]

Really Random Tugs 19

Name this tug headed for sea as the sunset bathes it in ruby light? I guess this could turn into a precious materials post.  Hobo, this gold tug at the Costello shipyard in Greenport, appears to have been built 61 years ago by Caddell’s Drydock & Repair.  At this dock, it waits under the protection […]

Small Craft 5

Here was 4. I’ve always found that parts of New York remind me of New England.  Which parts you might wonder? Try . . . the North Fork  . . . Greenport, NY, where many vessels were built during most of the first half of the 20th century.  I don’t know the story of this […]

Old (and Less So) Wood 2

I took this foto in August 2010, here with my back to Anthony’s Nose.  Any guesses about the vintage of this chubby people mover? Here’s a foto I took yesterday in Greenport of this Morehead, NC veteran of WW1!!! At the same locstion, I took this foto.  Anyone know what manufacturer this beauty is, frontal […]